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“Alarm Clock Bones”

Crow's Feet

We’re not entirely sure what happened yesterday. Not in relation to a specific event or anything like that; just in general. The passage of time and space seemed to avoid us entirely resulting in us finding ourselves still whacking away (and not in the good context) till around 9pm in the office. Which means if we got here at 11am (Monday trains innit, and inclusive of our routine of clearing our our entire inbox before set foot in the office for reasons that will become clearer later in this defacto rant), we would have been in this place for….dunno, a billion hours? Certainly didn’t feel like it. Another slight cause for concern yesterday was to do with the onslaught of just people – managers, friends, colleagues, mum, the FedEx guy, you name ’em – who within precisely 15 minute intervals of each other not only stepped right up to yours truly asking for things, but for some reason felt it was unreasonable when we had to break the news to them that we couldn’t simply drop everything right that minute to focus on their shit. Y’know because of, like, work and stuff. In plenary – we say that because sadly this kind of rapport is constantly ongoing in our world – this week has shaped up to be reminiscent of the scene in Hook when the eponymous Captain explains to Peter Pan’s kids why they’re fucking annoying. Anyway, let’s all calm the shit down shall we? Sure. Let Glaswegian guys (and possibly girls as well, we simply do not know at this stage) Crow’s Feet whilst we attempt to do that. Firstly, let us throw this lot their due props for using the correct punctuation in their chosen nomenclature. Otherwise we’d spend all day stressing about plural feet versus the singular. It really is that panickety around here today. Crow’s Feet describe themselves as ambient pop and this is pretty much spot-on in our assessment of what they’re all about. The introductory and opening organ bars to Alarm Clock Bones reminds us heavily of the same segment of Jeff Buckley‘s Lover, You Should Have Come Over, and/or The Airbourne Toxic Event‘s Sometime Around Midnight – but beyond this you have a fantastic vocal that is as elating as it is mournful amongst an atmospheric backdrop of strings. This shit is like indie music’s answer to Classic FM – if you can imagine something culminating the creative inputs of The Walkmen, Yeasayer and Sigur Ros all at once being blasted out on that station. Don’t listen to Classic FM? Well that really is your loss then.

Crow’s Feet – Alarm Clock Bones

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