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Our weekend was way better than yours. And involved far more train delays and hungover walks in damp weather too. But we’re sure yours was brilliant too. Reeling from one of the most consistently busy weeks in this history of busy January months – and throw us our props, because we didn’t succumb to stress or having a massive fucking freak-out once, nor did we let the ready-availability of booze (which we’ve come to refer to as Coping Juice) salt our game too much – this weekend didn’t let up much in terms of moving across great distances in relatively short spaces of time to see amazing things happen to incredible people. Goddammit it was so much fun seeing John Joseph Brill in Paris – nearly a year to the day that we put out the guy’s first record in fact; a sentiment that lends itself rather brilliantly to the constant one-foot-in-the-past-the-other-in-the-uncertain-future stance that this blog seems to constantly portray. Also, Paris, you’re very welcoming indeed and thank you for going easy on us the day following our attempts to drain you completely of Heineken. Little tip to everyone – if it ever gets to the point that you publicly declare on a night out that you need a Red Bull, it is probably time for you to just go to bed. Not continue your bullshit for 3 more hours. Ahem. Anyway, owing to train delays and the ironic inevitability that not doing any work over the weekends means that we start Mondays on our proverbial back-foot, we are a bit fuzzy today. So having a post-punk anthem with a chorus that repetitiously delivers the title/lyric “dead, dead, dead” is probably what’s needed right now, and thankfully that’s what London trio Huksy Loops have decided to dish out in everyone’s general direction. We had our metaphorical base touched by these guys some time ago, and we’re fearful that our overly-enthusiastic offer to premiere the below video for today’s Track Of The Day resulted in them giving it to Noisey US not too long ago instead. Well, it was either that or Noisey US are a way better option to go for by way of premieres, innit. Anyway, that’s the story. The music is absolutely fucking spot on, in the context of a bratty scuzzy guitar anthem (and there are really too few of them these days). What’s brilliant about Husky Loops is off the flop they don’t appear to prop themselves up as a band as we imagine them to be as people. So that’s an artist, as opposed to an act. Fade in then rapidly fade out to a track that sits nicely in the vicinity of the worlds of Death From Above 1979, DZ Deathrays, Blood Red Shoes, and recent KM compilationers Gallery Circus. Guttingly we missed their release party at the Lock Tavern last night. Because we were stuck in a Euro Tunnel. Some tit-head pulled all the alarms at St Pancras station you see. Blame them.


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