“Neon Lights”


You guys heard of Cromer? It seems a lot of you (and by “you”, we obviously mean people we’ve brought this up with, rather than you-you. Unless it is you. Jeah) have and just decided to not tell us about this remote area of the Norfolk countryside which was categorically taken our by our lot over this weekend. Spontaneous trips to hither and tither seem to be rather rife in our personal life these days, and this latest joint organised by our kin instead of us directly has left us rather refreshed this drab Monday afternoon. Cromer is quiet. Real quiet. It does have a swimming pool-sized hot tub – or at least, the place we were staying had one so we dunno if they all have one generally – which has since become know as the collective noun of our family tribe. It also has a pretty lengthy cliffy coastline and a long-ass beach attached to it, which proved excellent for pondering and/or making some sense of shit. Until morale improves, the no-working-on-weekends rule shall continue to be enforced. We suppose the imagery conjured up by way of our low-brow recollection of this weekend’s activities makes propping up new guy KASPA, with associated tune Neon Lights as our current Track Of The Day, all the more apt. Then again, we need not such excuses to do such things. This guy (real name Fred) has obviously used what he has available to him to make the very best of his musical situation – the silhouetted long-haired imagery, the bold-fonted one-word nomenclature to make it easier for us busy-bodies to digest what is otherwise a beautifully-complex yet simple apparition of a song that we have found ourselves getting pissed off at Soundcloud for not loading fast enough for our liking. The personally pitch-shifted vocal particularly in the chorus reminds us of The Sleepy Jackson. With added Eliot Smith, Turin Brakes and/or James Canty. There’s a whiffy of Alt J‘s Matilda here too, but with more pace and less plod-along. Very sweet indeed.

KASPA – Neon Lights


KASPA – Pray For Me

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