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Ergo Schmidt
“Lost In The World”

Ergo Schmidt

Well, this is it. This is the last Track Of The Day for 2015. Silence your yays and your boos, for in fact this is not the last thing we shall be propping up on the blog before the end of the year. We’ve got our goddamn end-of-year list that seemingly everybody in the known universe does (which is fine, by the way. Lists are great. Although a bit repetitive and indeed increasingly losing meaning the more and more we see the same names pop up. In fact, fuck it, we might just copy everybody else’s and accept that the stats vs. editorial celestial battle has already been decisively won by the former) coming up when we get round to doing it. Monday, probs. We haven’t got any plans you see and everyone else we wanna hang out with will still be at work we guess. We’re also taking this opportunity to not only impart our end-of-year perspective on all manners of shit, but also compress it so that we don’t spend the end-of-year list in fact bleating on about everything that has got on our proverbial wick this year. So lets do it now. This year has been the most interesting in our corporate lifetime. We abruptly left our previous home with Turn First Artists in Hammersmith around about this time last year; to varying degrees of both excitement and anxiety. At several points during 2015, both of the aforementioned elements have gotten the best of us; that is to say, we’d be lying if we said we, at one or two instances over the last year, didn’t regret this abrupt exit with all the crippling self-doubt involved in lieu of actually finding out if we could stand on our collective feet rather than the ostensible shoulder of pop-giants. At the same time, we’ve also been more-glad than we realised was possible. We suppose the point of this year was to determine how much value we really place on having a choice; having enough independence to make our own mistakes but also to be able to finally be recognised for some of the things we now know we are capable of doing. Overall, we are ending this year in a lot better position than when we started it – creatively, financially, and strategically. We now know how to run a business, but still derive pleasure from the work we do whilst (at least attempting to) blocking out the tiny little voices in our head and elsewhere in London that tell us our shit ain’t good enough all the time. We know how to walk away from a fight. We know how to pick a fight. We know what true responsibility and accountability feels like, in contrast to experience the odd sensation of having truly nowhere to hide when things go tits-up. We have made some incredible new friends as well as rekindling old relationships we thought we had somehow lost forever. We have to thank all of the artists we have worked with in this period – particularly the ones that stood by us when they really didn’t have to, thereby effectively keeping us alive during some of our darkest hours this year – and in tandem this our brother Ben, as well as Rhi and Maiju who have individually managed to wind us up more than we ever thought possible, but also for being the most supportive staff we could have ever hoped for. We have so much to look forward to next year; and it feels brilliant to finally be on the fucking offensive again having survived this one.

So, lets talk about the final Track Of The Day for the year. Like most other Track(s) Of The Day(s) this year, we know pretty much fuck-all in terms of facts’n’stats. A couple of hours ago our desk neighbour – one Bev Burton, who for those of you who don’t know was in fact the very first person we ever met in this music lark way back when we were head of the tea-making department at Full Time Hobby – just happened to mention today’s guy Ergo Schmidt. We can’t remember in what context, as we have been intermittently been day-dreaming about seeing Star Wars pretty soon. We were probably fishing for tips for our end-of-year list having done fuck-all preparation for it. Anyway, from what we can immediately tell, this guy should be waaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than he already is – that is to say we are focusing on the stats there, and in a way it fills our heart with warmth that someone doesn’t have to have the requisite number of likes/hearts/followers/whatfuckingever to nab slots at things like Green Man and 2000 Trees Festivals. Although we are slightly annoyed that we didn’t come across this until just now, we’re nevertheless delighted to be closing up our proverbial shop with an appropriately-titled (given the crap we’ve written above this paragraph) tune with associated clip called Lost In The World. There’s the powerfully-soulful vocal quality of Ray Charles coupled with the endearingly-geeky aesthetic of Daniel Wilson, all wrapped up and delivered with a songwriting prowess that we rate alongside prime Scandi indie acts like Pixie Carnation. It also really reminds us of a Spectre song; but we can’t really remember which because sadly we don’t listen to those guys much. We dig; now you must dig. Have a fucking excellent festive break; be excellent to each other; don’t be a prick; and see you all on the other side.


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