“Wide Eye Perspective”


Ugggghghghghghghhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuha. That’s how today has gone. There’s a real disconnect going on within our higher brain functions, and an even bigger fuck up is occurring as far as our hand-eye coordination is concerned. We mean, we’ve been walking into all kinds of shit today. The shower door was a particularly interesting start to our day. We were lampooned by our own goddamn shower. To be fair, the rest of the world seems at least as fucked up as we are following possibly the most-jubilant celebrations of Christmassy goings-on last night; all in the name of neighbourly-corporate togetherness, a year riddled with perseverance in the face of struggles both personal and professional (in many instances both meaning the same thing); and ultimately resulting in some 30 people trying to eat pizzas around a restaurant table that was more assembled for about five people. We also, of course, drank festively – much to the surprise of many who seem to think that we’re this stoic prickly-pear who never lets their hair down. Let it be known that we can outdrink, outfastfoodbinge, and outparty most of y’all, but we’re evidently just way better at maintaining our composure. So, like, there. Somewhat apt in nomenclature, particularly in terms of the 3am finish we experienced this morning, here is current Track Of The Day Wide Eye Perspective from current Track Of The Day’ers SAKES. We, of course, know next to fuck-all about this lot. Assuming it the collective noun is even applicable. Could just be one guy. Or girl. We have been fooled before. All we know is a chum called Jack Berkeley who used to be in a pop band that we quite liked invited us to like the Facebook page some time ago, and now we’re only just getting around to acqueiscing. Sorry for the tardiness, frere Jack. We’ve been busy living a life of courage. Shit is good though. So good that we’re again finding ourselves having a hard time (in general) specifically in relation to working out what this sounds like; and so by implication the track and indeed artist have inadvertently earned the much-lauded accolade of being rather original in terms of their music output. Well done, track and artist. For good measure we will say we’re reminded ever so slightly of Thumpers and Tora, but then again we’re a bit fucked up right now. Have an outrageously restful weekend.

SAKES – Wide Eyed Perspective

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