Premiere: Healyum
“Fools Eyes”


Let’s cut the cryptic shash for a sec. This week has been a bit fucking shit, hasn’t it? You know what we’re on about. The workload piling on when its supposed to be wearing thin (well, we suppose it is in respect of the latter, just not the way we all want it to be); Christmas parties and their concurrent politics coupled with a lack of a valuable asset known as time are ever-omipresent to make you feel as strung out (basically that means repetitive and intense hangovers) as you are left out (as in you get invited to fucking loads, but you know there is always something that you haven’t that due to your non-invitation will always seem better than what you’ve already got going on); and, oh yeah, our wonderful leaders voted/proceeded to drop some fucking bombs on some poor bastards’ collective heads. You’re left feeling a bit like a damp, rubber, cold-ass fried egg. So we’re really, really glad and somewhat relieved that prospect of everything changing within a day still exists, as we have experienced today. We’ve got our first Christmas show at Koko tonight with Ekkah as well which makes us happy. The sleep that is promised to us thereafter makes us even happier. A final gift of joyousness is handed to us in the most ego-inflatory sense in form of being asked to premiere this video clip of current Track Of The Day Fools Eyes (the plural, we’re assuming by the grammatical implication there. All of the eyes of all the fools). It is by a band called Healyum, which we’re assuming is a jazzy spelling of the chemical element and not so much lending itself to a made-up word pertaining to providing medical attention to one’s appetite or lack thereof. Either way, we appreciate the nu-metal vibes in contrast to music that couldn’t be further removed from the genre we annoying hold so deal to our heart. Big ups to Matt Harvey for firstly slinging this our way, and also for the sheer volume of communication methods that he has employed to grab the attention of our tetchy person this week. Anyway. Healyum are from Bedfordshire and they have been getting various plaudits from more in-the-know people than us and national radio outlets such as Radio X looonnnnnnnng before we got our greasy mitts into this. We’ve noticed from the band’s own gestures that they would like to be held in the same regard as Lorde, Haim and maybe London Grammar. If you know more about ’em than us – which, let’s face it, is quite likely – and this story indeed checks out, then fine. Zoning in on this track in particular – and of course the DIY-aesthetic surrounding the video we’re actually premiering, which features a lot of Healyum‘s singer basically walking and singing towards/at you so you get a ruddy good idea of what she’s all about (this is known as “positioning”) – we’re left thinking about Natasha Beddingfield (and before you fucking start, you loved her. We ALL loved her) floating amongst a sonic sea of 80’s synthy power-pop with the heads of Gary Numan and Depeche Mode popping up intermittenly. Cool? The nice news to top it all off is that this is getting a release proper on the 18th December. Have a fucking great weekend.


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