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Knackered. Absolutely bloody cream crackered. We very much look it as well. We neglected to put our world-famous gravity-defying Fish Paste shit in our hair today, simply because we thought getting a move on at catching the 10.01 from Hendon station into Kentish Town was more important than making our hair look fucking cool and therefore getting the 10.16 instead. We know what your game is, Thameslink trains. You always send the big-ass train, thereby increasing our chances of parking our botty in an actual chair for those precious 15 minutes that make the difference between us having a good or shit day, either right at the start of any given hour, or half-way through it. You’ve fucked us with your four-carriage bastard trains far too many times. We’re willing to expense our quaff to bring your reign of oppression to an ascertainable end. What this means for you AIM Social attendees tonight – apparently we’ve collective sold the place out, which is hilarious for two main reasons; mainly because we don’t really DJ, more select Spotify playlists with the finesse of a highly trained ninja who likes new music a lot; and the tickets are free – is that you are likely to see us do the aforementioned with a backwards hat on. Which is pretty cool (albiet somewhat commonplace given the surroundings), right? You know what else is cool? These guys Eastern Barbers. Let’s think about that phrase for a minute. Or maybe not, because as soon as we typed that, we regretted it because we obviously forgot that we’re tired. Let’s focus on what we know about this lot, other than fuck-all. It looks like there are four of them. At least one of them has a tash. Aesthetically we’re reminded of yesteryear tupping-point indie bands like Theme Park and perhaps more recently Etches. Sonically, the cool theme continues long into our current Track Of The Day Maya. Think The XX getting mashed up with Jamie T for extra South-London swag-cred, with a ska-esque edge that lends itself a bit to The Specials. Cool? Coooooooooooooool.


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