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It is every live music fan’s dream to have their own festival. We’re stating that as a fact because it pretty much is. We’re calling it. Guilty until proven innocent. On the serious, it would be a a task-master’s effort to find someone who wouldn’t jump at the chance to curate a line up to present as their very own to the sort-of masses. Now, we’ve made some great strides in terms of curation here at Planet Killing Moon. Hence the record label; the gigs; the artist management; this very blog which we’re guessing you’re reading right now. It’s a good effort. It’s not a festival though. We have attempted a branded presence at festivals such as Great Escape for the last 4-5 years to varied degrees of noticeability and/or succes; but we’ve never been invited to host our own proper-proper stage before. A dream, as mentioned earlier. You can imagine how difficult we found it to contain our excitement when our buddy Jon at Festival Republic asked us if we were up for getting involved and hosting a stage at the very first Community Festival 2015. So difficult, in fact, that we basically didn’t. Although when the festival was finally unveiled to the world by way of a modest media launch at The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch (the former playing host to many an international delegate (we’ll get to that bit in a sec) in attendance of the festival, and the latter indeed hosting the entire flipping thing), which also featured some very impressive canapes (the curation and selection of which we used as a basis to converse with Melvin Benn; and let it be known that he likes his veggie burgers in miniature format), we were shortly thereafter accused by several music industry figures of note of finally keeping our big mouth shut when it really counts for something. Anyway, this is all very exciting.

So what the hell is Community Festival anyway? Like, what the fuck are we on about? How is it different to any other festival?

Community Festival is a three-day event taking place in various venues, and other places being rendered into venues, in and around the Shoreditch/Hoxton area of East London. This will be on the 3rd-5th November. There is a “core” event programming (this is the bit you gotta pay for) and a “fringe” one running alongside (this bit is free) called In The Community.

So if you’ve heard of South By South West, The Great Escape, Live At Leeds, Eurosonic, Reeperbahn and any other venue-hopping style inner-city festival, it is a similar concept to that.

Where Community Festival differs is in several respects. The most important is the curation in the line up, and who will be in attendance for the entire event; several different live promoters as a joint effort between Festival Republic and Live Nation – who already put on mega events such as Reading and Leeds, Latitude, Download and a whole shitload of others – have painstakingly combed the planet for artists and bands who will definitively dominate music in 2016. Given the timing of Community Festival in the calendar, festival bookers and booking agents from around the world are flying in to chat each other up a bit and (hopefully) pick up on these artists for their festivals, tours and whatever else they’ve got going on from stage hosts including us, The Line Of Best Fit, Radio X, London In Stereo and a bunch more. Which makes a lot of sense in terms of doing this around about now, given 2016’s festivals are being booked up right now.

Make sense? Still with us? Cool.

You might be wondering “why the fuck does the music industry need and/or deserve another dollop of a three-day piss up? What about the fans, who are after all the most important stakeholder in this goddamn business anyway?”. And you’d be right to wonder that. Community Festival may well be the very first festival of its kind whereby the fans in fact are prioritised above and beyond anyone else. Via the analysis of ticket sales and patterns of the sort of punter that goes to these sorts of things – i.e. the ones who don’t run a record label, or manage some bands, or anything like that – Community Festival has elected for a system whereby venues sell a majority % of tickets are sold directly to those who just want to see one or two shows at the event. So if you’re worried about buying a festival wristband and getting denied into seeing the one band you actually want to see due to capacity issues, you can forget about that. You SHALL go to the ball. If however on the other hand you’re quite into the whole venue-crawling through and/or rubbing shoulders with music industry big-dogs, then you can do that too.


Community Festival‘s line up looks like this:

Final line up poster


In The Community looks like this:

In the community

Entry to In The Community is completely free, however to get in [YOU MUST RSVP BY CLICKING HERE]

That’s pretty much it. Oh, other than our own stage headlined by previous TOTD’ers Sundara Karma and also featuring Vitamin, Pale Honey and Beach Baby at The Macbeth on 5th November is totally sold out.

Community graphic

We also have our guys Lyger playing on the 3rd November with Nothing But Thieves, but bloody hell is that ever sold out too. But nevermind that – there are still plenty of kick-ass shows to choose from, including a free entry one from our guy Draper on the 5th November at Box Park.


Join the Community, we guess. Why hasn’t that been used in the branding yet?

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