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“I’m Not Yours”

Pure Youth

Following a brief stint in the “leg bit” of the country – don’t take that as a slight, Cornwall, we refer to the other side of England as the “arse bit” – we’re back in the office for a brief stint. This is mainly owing to one of those famous miscommunications occurring between ourselves and our far better-half  whereby our understanding of going away from Saturday to Wednesday somehow translated into Friday to Tuesday. There’s a glitch in the matrix. Of course we have never been one to shy away from the alluring call of the never-ending saga that is work, in the present context at least. Indeed, we were given the proverbial eye-ball (and cackle, as far as Anne Griffith is concerned) by several of our beer festivalling party for the mere mention and indeed implementation of the notion that we have bare work to do on several occasions during our most recent outing. Our brief return home is also a welcome break in the sustained drinking we’ve managed to endure for the last fortnight or so, which culminated in us enduring a prolonged silent-phase during our time in Falmouth. Overall, it was very nice. Apart from the UKIP signs bolted onto the local thrift store called Trego Mills. Honestly, Cornwall, what the fuck is up with that? We thought you were cool. And/or appreciative of the EU subsidies that keep your maritime settings so goddamn idyllic. Do you have any idea how much tourism accounts for your local economy? Think about it. Or just think, in general. Anyway, we need a bit of a musical jostle to restart our brain for the next day or so (ahead of the next ascertainable booze outing that is our uni mate Coxy’s stag do. Of fucking course), so now is a good time to whack on current Track Of The Day I’m Not Yours by these guys Pure Youth. A recent speculative employment enquiry led to this effort landing on our plate, so we’re very grateful for that indeed. A delicious accompaniment to the odd bout of the sunny and rather warm backdrop that has set in London today, this is indie-pop at its least apologetic, all the while with its indie-rock aesthetic at maximum overdrive. We’re talking about The Strokes, The Walkmen, and The Drums. All the “the’s”, innit. Tonight sees Pure Youth joining all the country’s finest rising guitar-laden pop acts at the Barfly, including Youth Club (there’s a theme of, well, being young there we guess) and previous Track Of The Day’er KYKO at the Camden Barfly, and so no doubt the area will be teeming with scouts, managers, agents, lawyers, this, that, the fucking music industry. You should probably go.

Pure Youth – I’m Not Yours

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