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Premiere: Native People
“Ready For Your Love”

Native People

We went to see what has becoming known in the office as the Songhoy Blues film, which is in fact called They Will Have To Kill Us First. Without giving too much of the actual content of the film away, it has provided us with valuable objective and subjective material to work on when we finally get around to writing that book that we’ve told a fair few of our immediate associates that we will do, one of these fucking days. We can’t even tell you the name of the book or what it is going to be about yet, because we’re a cynical music industry bastard and we think you’ll steal all our ideas. It has happened before, then no-one believes us that we thunk it all up first. To be fair, its a little difficult to prove that you thought an idea before somebody else. That’s why intellectual property laws protect the expression of the idea, rather than the idea itself. Application of laws is a theme that features quite prominently in They Will Have To Kill Us First, or rather the misapplication of some rather nonsensical laws that are difficult to for us to believe could exist in this century. All the way up here in our ivory tower made out of self-righteous Facebook memes, iPhones, and American-themed BBQ restaurants, and where the biggest problems we face range from working out whether an annual membership to Soho House is financially worthwhile to the occasional haircut, we mean. Imagine not being allowed to listen to music. Whilst we’re this riled up about everything, it is a bloody good thing that we have a lovely premiere of the new one from Folkestone’s Native People to counter-balance the various and numerous injustices that exist as a day-to-day reality for a lot of people who aren’t us. It’s called Ready For Your Love. We just want to saturate ourselves in that good shit, so that’s what we’re doing right now. Ready For Your Love is in fact a cover of a wonderful Gorgon City track; and no, we didn’t know that before. Our knowledge of chart music is extremely fucking limited. Both are good versions of the same song; in our current situation, we’re going to go ahead and infer that Native People have infused their own brand of youthful tropical-laced strings and beats to their effort, which indeed they have previously received props for from people ranging from Clash to 6Music. So, people think it’s good. That’s nice. We think that if you get off to the kind of thing that Foals and The XX do, with maybe a sprog of Friendly Fires chucked in, then it is likely this might get you off in a similar fashion. The great news is that this in fact won’t cost you anything (we are more than aware that clearance is a right pain in the dick these days), and you can indeed get your kicks for free by downloading this for diddly squat via the band’s Soundcloud page.

Native People – Ready For Your Love

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