We’re nervous. Yes, it happens occasionally. The grind of the day-to-day in our epic life of courage (we shall leave it to you wonderful people to deduce whether we are being for sarcasm or for serious in this respect) is set to exponentially increase as we prepare to depart the British Isles for a full 48 hours at the request of the Finnish music industry to talk about….new music business models. In normal speak, this means they wanna know how we make up so much good shit on the reg. In reciprocation, we would also quite like to just hang out in Finland in general. Having stacked up a lot of email correspondence from fellow delegates to the entirely-accurately-named Music & Media conference in Tampere, we have deduced that the whole Hanoi Rocks thing is still being rinsed by their native countrymen and women, by virtue of the sheer number of hair metal bands and/or their managers who have solicited communication with ourselves. So this promises to be a lot of fun, generally. Apparently we get to go see an ice hockey game, which is cool both literally and aesthetically as we’ve never seen one before. This imminent wave of coolness into our lives obviously warrants an equally-cool Track Of The Day, and we guess at this precise point in time they don’t come much cooler than new-ish duo TWEAKS. We say new-ish because they went under the moniker of Pin Tweaks at some point last year, along with all the big ups that it allowed them such as early support from everybody’s favourite music gossip publication (other than this one, of course). So they’ve obviously gone with less pin, and maximum TWEAKS on this occasion. Jeah. In our mind one of the most remarkable aspects of TWEAKS is their ability to render a musical backdrop that we would automatically assume would warrant a female vocal of some description and confidently layer an ethereal male vocal atop it all. A sprinkle of Alt J kicks of proceedings and leads into a territory we thought only those like Father John Misty or The National could occupy, and somehow injecting a bit of Lana Del Rey or Florence & The Machine style pop dramatics. So, we are in fact finding this a little difficult to categorise, which only means that we’re destined to like it that much more; and by the end of this 4-and-a-bit minute course of musical intrigue, we cannot help but feel the best is yet to come from this promising outfit.

TWEAKS – Sisters

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