We sure picked a hell of a day to be hungover. Things got a little carried away last night you see. Between our mardy-throwing exercise yesterday afternoon and circa midnight, we somehow found the time to link up with two members of “the team” for a record release that we have coming up rather soon (for whom we cannot say at this point, and of course we can’t fucking wait to share this with everyone) and get drunk to the point of pre-emptively patting ourselves on the back for things we haven’t actually done yet. Confidence or something. The irony there is that we were supposed to go to an MMF-orchestrated piss up, under the guise of being one of those networking sessions with people from all walks of music industry life, and instead we ended up in a pub next door to the aforementioned and pretty much just stayed there. Anyway; as discussed, we are hungover, and this is inconvenient particularly today. We suppose today is important to us for two very distinct reasons. Firstly, it was around this time of year that we toddled to and from our ostensible motherland to firstly re-claim our Indian heritage that we had pretty much denied ourselves for most of, if not all, our adult life. In tandem with this, we also got some shit off our chest that would ultimately change our immediate professional lives for quite some time. Secondly, we met our best friend, current roomie and, indeed, our love which further would change our life quite significantly. In that we actually procured a personal life that we had so dearly wanted for such a long time, but in the most unexpected way. Of course, The Finn reckons this was in fact yesterday when we were out getting trollied with our immediate business partners. A lot, and also very little it seems, can change in a year. So really, current Track Of The Day Queen by current Track Of The Day’er and the immediately-you-recognise-how-cool-she-is Horsepowar is more than fit for appropriate purposes for a day like this. She is from Vancouver. Ben discovered her vicariously via his mate Eli who he linked up with during his recent trip abroad to the Canadian neck of the proverbial woods. It’s good to make friends we guess. In fact, Eli has nicely been able to sum up just what the fuck Horsepowar thinks she’s playing at. Well, these days, she is getting her video for Queen uploaded to Noisey, Buzzfeed, and Rolling Stone. We imagine that’s a fairly good start. Horsepowar describes herself as deceivingly innocent and disgustingly witty, which we have very little choice to agree with based on the whole innocent-until-proven-guilty thing that we hold rather dear. By way of comparisons, we’re of course more than aware of how many she is likely to get to MIA given that, y’know, they’re both physically quite similar and both rap a bit. We personally wouldn’t feel too bad about that, however, given that the former stacks up both in terms of quality and performance execution in respect of the latter. We’re also going to throw in recent compilationer (do you have any idea how long it is to license something from Universal? Really fucking long, that’s how long) Ecca Vandal and previous Track Of The Day’er LarzRanda (then just Randa – remember what we said about a lot changing in a year?) into the mix in order to land somewhere close enough in our meager attempt to actually describe what we think this is. Enjoy. Have a great weekend. Come the fuck on, England.


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