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Beach Season

[Editor – Basically, when you turn into a music industry hotshot and self-appointed smart-arse, you run out of time to do the so-called important things. One of those important things is spending a lot of time with and doing things for those you love. Because we’ve spent the last 72 hours driving our lives away, mainly for other people but also for ourselves, and still haven’t bought a new laptop following ours getting nicked by some cunt in Highgate a couple of weeks ago (at least, this is what we have convinced ourselves that has happened) thereby rendering us to write at home, our better half stepped up to the proverbial blogging plate and essentially did our job for us. So, there you go. Deal with it.] This is well exciting. I’ve just been given the keys to the kingdom – the kingdom that goes by the name of Killing Moon Records. I guess I should start by introducing myself first. Hi everyone, in Killingmoonland. I go by the name of The Finn, and I’m doing a guest bloggy for y’all today. Disappointed? Get out while you can. I puzzled around the question of why Mr Ach thought this was a good idea, and managed to narrow down my conclusion to the options that he A) really appreciates my input B) is having the time of his life hanging out with Racing Glaciers in Liverpool [Editor – this was actually Lathom, which is near Liverpool, but it was seemingly decided that Liverpool is what people were told] C) is really good at delegating D) has ran out of things to say (sometimes I wonder if that day will ever come, and if it does, what will become of us? God have mercy) E) is too busy destroying an entire chicken at Nando’s or F) please leave your suggestions in the comment box below. The one who comes up with the best suggestion will get the keys to the kingdom next. Terms and conditions apply. I’m personally a huge fan of this blog, and of Killing Moon Records, and of Mr Ach, obvs. I mean, I wouldn’t take just any chap for a visit to the Motherland now would I? From what I understand most of you read the blog to discover seriously good new tunes and listen to a grown man whine about his level of tiredness, old age and Ben. There is always Ben [Editor – who in fact discovered Beach Season at Break Out West recently. You have to throw people props on the blog] . Today, you’ll get one of those things, as we get to our Track of the Day by Beach Season. As I don’t work in the music industry, I won’t give you guys a full anatomic description of why I think their track Evenings is banging (because lol, what do I know). I’ll save you the hassle of having to disagree with my thesis and do you one better by just telling you that it is. It’s a God-dang tune. Basically, if IYES, Kazy Lambist and Jamie XX had a baby, this is what it would sound like. Who wouldn’t want those genes? [Editor – also mention they are playing at Old Blue Last on 12th October. Although to be fair, that was only announced today. Nice one].

Beach Season – Evenings

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