Barns Courtney

Barns Courtney
“Glitter & Gold”

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S’up. Good weekend? Weather’s a bit shit huh. But that’s okay. Our spirits remain undampened and our energy levels seem to be restored to the usual 110% – possibly due to the doubling-down of our coffee intake this morning following a meaningful lunch with the lovely Simon of Lyger fame (remember both of those names; they will come in reeeeeeeeeeeeal handy in the not-so-distant future). However we like to think that our zesty nature returneth due to actually getting some fucking sleep this weekend. We caught them Z’s in the end. It feels so good to actually be able to think straight after a solid week of taking a conscientious battering of our senses. We’re pretty sure the reason we were so out of it was due to pretty much losing an entire day’s worth of regeneration given we were fucking about with CHIMES at Bestival around about this time last week, and while planning our return to London in the name of business efficiency and ultimately arriving back at 5am seemed like a good idea at the planning stages, implementation was, in fact, quite the fuck up indeed. Bestival is topical in itself when it comes to current Track Of The Day’er Barns Courtney, as this in fact provided this platform at which we were able to see this guy live for the very first time. We have to say, this visual embodiment of something that manager Seb had made us and seemingly the wider A&R community aware of some time ago with casual drops of musical playbacks and bringing the chap to our takeovers at Club NME once or possibly several times was probably the most heartwarming we have ever witnessed. The stuff our dreams are made of, we might go as far as to say. This is because we saw Barns Courtney play atop of scaffolding constructed on top of a Nando’s vendor at a festival. Yes. Dreams CAN fucking come true. Further, Seb himself progressed in social terms as far as we are concerned – from musical affiliate to blood-tied ally – by sorting us out with free chicken not very long after the performance itself. There’s not a lot we are going to dislike about Barns Courtney, therefore. Live, he’s got all the charm an American in the UK could ever conjure up and in our mind could be the fastest wit in the proverbial West. It really helps that his music was delivered with a youthly-confident touch that had the inquistive crowd, comprised of equal parts industry and punters alike (chicken has no barriers), at one point quite literally eating out of his hand. On record, its a similar story, but with way less chicken involved. But that’s ok. We’re into the voice, and into the tunes, both of which channel a bluesy take on greats like Johnny Cash but also modern contemporaries of the chaingang-esque genre such as John J Presley or Jack White. Remember this guy – you will be hearing the name a lot in 2016. Trust.

Barns Courtney – Glitter & Gold

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