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“Gotta Keep Lovin'”

Pop Cult

We’re in a bit of a doze right now. We know – that’s not like us at all is it? Suffice to say that a very dear friend of ours has just had some excellent and entirely deserved news, and we couldn’t really be happier for him especially as we are acutely aware of everything he has been through to get to this point. Whatever happens from this point onwards, we are so happy to call Draper our friend. The last time we felt like this, we had just put pen to paper on something that would likely make this thing our job for some indeterminate amount of time. What did we do then? We went for a walk, we think. Just looked at things. Tried to make some sense of what the fuck was going on, somewhat startled at a struggle both internal and external that had become our life which could be brought to an end so abruptly with a few strokes of a pen. What are we going to do now? Go for a drink with our beautiful girlfriend, probably. We guess with this sort of smile stuck in our head like a pop song, we need a pop song by a band called Pop Cult to soundtrack an evening that will likely be laced with a lot of margaritas. Fuckyeah. Good thing they’ve got one called Gotta Keep Lovin’, which just so happens to be our current Track Of The Day. These guys are dudes. They look like dudes, anyway; the kinda dudes we could get deep with. Because of their dude-like aesthetic, coupled with some telling Brisbane-related gig announcement on their social media accounts, we’re going to go ahead and assume these guys knock about in the Australian region of Planet Earth. The only shame in that is that they’re not over here playing their music in the live context for our personal amusement. Hopefully that will change in time. Based on what we’ve experienced today, things inevitably have to when the music is just too damn good. Right now, we’re dealing with something that rests comfortably between the respective worlds of The Dandy Warhols, Waters, The Eels and Yesterday Went Too Soon-era Feeder (we listened to that shit this morning, and it is still rad). Have an amazing weekend. We know we will.

Pop Cult – Gotta Keep Lovin’


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