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Native Braves

We should apologise in advance of this blog post really. Sorry. It is probably going to be more half-arsed than we usually get away with. The fact is, with the immediate impact of visually displaying to the world exactly how bad shit is getting on the borders of Europe – yes, we are talking about the picture of the 3 year old dead kid laying face down into the sand on the beach front of Turkey – a lot of what we are doing today not only seems entirely selfish, but also completely fucking pointless at the same time. Sure, we may be a pre-social media 30 year old living in a post-social media planet, whereby everything is exaggerated on a regular basis in an attempt to highlight one’s own brash interests and indeed opinions, whether to deliberately antagonise others or simply to manipulate them into making the individual look more popular than they really are – and usually we pride ourselves on being such a smart arse that we can rise above such exaggerations. There is nothing exaggerated about a child laying dead in the sand. The even more depressing thought is that this is just one of the things that we are seeing. This goes on all the time, all around the world. We find ourselves succumbing to anger with simultaneous sadness and frustration at those who can simply dismiss this as someone else’s fault, someone else’s problem, and certainly not our issue to deal with. They are sick; they are poor; and they die by the thousands, and we look away. If you are reading this and are a British Citizen, please sign this petition and/or do one or any number of these wonderful things The Independent have rather usefully laid out for those who wish to get involved. Putting our latest bout of self-righteousness to one side a bit, we should also apologise for taking an age to even bother opening the email that Sam Tewari sent us about current Track Of The Day people Native Braves. Or, maybe not. We’ve been let down by the guy before. How/why? We can’t (be bothered to) tell. Use your imagination. Include Sam’s magnificent showcase beard in that imagination. Anyway, Sam sent this across to us because he thought we would “get” his latest management accolades in a way nobody else would. Truth, flattery, or both? Honestly, who cares. Aside dropping some serious names into the mix such as Andy Bibey (hey Andy), Sam made us privy to facts such as how these guys are from the North East (of the UK); that current Track Of The Day Pilot Light is out on 11th September, presumably as a self-release or some other nifty distributional means; and that there is a music video on the way. That’s all very well and good, isn’t it? Only outstanding issue is determining whether the music is any good. Presumably if we’re writing about it, we must think its good. Goody good. Pilot Light sounds like something that has been deliberately delivered in this fashion so as to allude to the overall potential of this artist project as opposed to a portrayal of a water-tight finished product – almost as if these guys are trying to attract a, dunno, label or something. Story checks out. They aesthetically look like they could stand in a similar position to bands like Deaf Havana or Lower Than Atlantis or any number of heavily tattooed pseudo pop-rock bands that our housemate Tim is undoubtedly already friends with, or something. They don’t sound like that lot though. The singer immediately sounds like Robert Smith; and the music reminiscent of Foals‘ more balls-out rockier moments, which we understand the latest album sounds positively brim-full of.

Native Braves – Pilot Light

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