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Smash Williams
“A Splash Of Colour”

Smash Williams

Ugh. The pain. The lingering, bone-achey, me-want-bed-so-bad post-Reading Festival pain. This happens a lot. Our body is giving us the metaphysical fuck-you for being so damn brave inconsiderate of it’s feelings over the course of what was otherwise a pretty wonderful weekend. We didn’t know that booze was gonna be free, honest. We didn’t know there was gonna be champagne. And of course we didn’t know that we were going to drink a fair chunk of it, to the degree that we pretty much put the rest of the occupants of what we learned to be “Melvin’s Bar” into a shame spiral due to their puny attempts to keep up with us. Even the Raw Power Management lot. Despite the fact that they seemed to be pretty much resident there, or at least as-present in that context as we were. Good to see you briefly, Craig and chums. Amongst this name-dropping high jinks,  high-priced booze-fulled baffoonery (sure, we got busted trying to sneak booze out of the aforementioned a couple of times. Everyone does that, right?) and long-term stare-outs, pretending-we-haven’t-seens, and can’t-be-arsed-to-talk-to-thems that littered the guest area (c’mon. Fucking everybody was doing that), we even saw some bands. The Finn introduced us to Porter Robinson who we are now absolutely fucking obsessed with – we weren’t even lit when we saw him do his dreamland dance music thingy on the Friday. However the award for Band Of The Weekend (we obviously can’t namecheck those with a direct contractual relationship with Killing Moon; more than we already have, of course) must go to Metallica. Not really because of the music, ironically, but mainly due to the notion that we will not be able to listen to Enter Sandman the same way ever again after witnessing Paul of CHIMES fame getting literally bowled over by a massive Metallica ball, one of several billion unleashed upon the crowd during the spectacular finale. Dude didn’t even see it coming. Another reminder that timing really does count for a lot. Anyway, as we were saying we are currently fucking broken. Although our new guy-crush Porter is helping alleviate that a bit, current Track Of The Day’ers Smash Williams are taking our body away from the unforgiving hard-assed grounds that we have actually been mental enough to trudge and/or jump up and down upon for a while, and right up to the fluffy clouds of joygasm that we so dearly desire and require right now. These guys are the very definition of new, and in the online sense only exist as a single Soundcloud stream which we’ve conveniently plonked down there below for your entertainment. That is nice of us. In contrast to their relative introductory level on the proverbial scene, the constituent members who comprise Smash Williams could not be further from that. One of the guys, who indeed reached out to us whilst we were fucking about on somebody else’s time a couple of days ago, used to rep a band called French Wives. The other, who we have not had the pleasure of an e-introduction as of yet but are pretty sure Ben introduced us in the flesh a couple of years back (funnily enough, at Reading Festival), used to be in Frightened Rabbit. The result of such a collaboration, we would have assumed, would be anything but something that sounds like Smash Williams, which just goes to show that you can hardly construe this project as merely the sum of it’s parts. And what is that sound, you might ask? We reckon its like formative years Prides getting overly obsessed with the epic peaks of bands like Silversun Pickups or possibly that one Joy Formidable song that we know quite well. Click, listen, and tell.

Smash Williams – A Splash Of Colour

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