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Desert Planes
“Wake In Fright”

Desert Planes

Nearly time to go home. Real life awaits far away from the magical land of Finland, where the air is crisp; the people are fit; and nearly every family should have a sauna, according to one of our parental hosts called Risto who at this precise minute is probably off building something. We’ve noticed a pattern within our host family that they are incredibly hands-on in most respects of their daily lives, and indeed carry a wave of pragmatism that we find acutely lacking in ourselves. Guess we better step our game up if we want to get invited back. In our small defence, any time we have offered to help we have been more or less ordered to sit our guest-ass down and relax. So we’ve been excelling at that. Of course, the relentless world of our made-up work beckons and we have admittedly found ourselves anxious to get back in the proverbial ring. Many things await us. Deals are looming. Serious fucking deals. Our DJ slots and indeed appearances for several artists we work with in a number of capacities have been announced for Reading & Leeds – and whilst we are looking forward to every one of them and what promises to be a fantastic weekend, we are in particular looking forward to seeing our friend John Joseph Brill fuck you all up with some truth on the BBC Introducing stage at the respective sites. It was what he wanted; he worked his substantial ass off for it; and guess what? He got it. And now we get to see him get what he wants. It is going to be just great. Another reminder that we need to reset our mind into game-play mode is the arrival of this debut effort from new kids on the musical block Desert Planes, who bring an abrupt end to the never-ending anxiety we endure through this Achilles-heel we call the Killing Moon blog when we leave it effectively dormant for what we deem too long. We have partial history with these guys; or, rather, one of the guys Ben who plays drums and used to roll with Killing Moon label alumni LULS back in the day. Its good to hear from you Ben, you good-looking so and so. In terms of available information on these guys, largely what you see (and of course, hear) is likely what you’re going to get – in regards to the sonics, we’re on this whole nostalgia trip upon pressing play that introduces the voice of Richard Ashcroft (so by default The Verve) combining with moments of The Cure that culminates in something quite splendid. Apparently there is a show going down at The Troubadour in London tonight to which we hear a number of publishing dudes are expected to attend. We can’t go. Because we’re over here. But you really should.

Desert Planes – Wake In Fright (demo)

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