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Premiere: Chris Simmons
“Rabbit In The Tail Lights”

Chris Simmons

Strange, strange day. Malpas are in The Metro, and did pretty well at being in The Metro as well. Draper is on Stereogum, and following suit with the aforementioned is also not doing shit at that at all. And….AND….it is apparently National Chicken Wing Day. In the United States, as one helpful Facebook commentatoriser indirectly pointed out to us when we felt the need to share all three of the above accolades on social media earlier today, but of course in reference to the more chicken-leaning of them (cheers Nick). But we figure that various festivities that have stemmed from the United States – Halloween, Thanksgiving, even Independence Day (somewhat ironically – what other nation would actively celebrate getting it’s historical ass kicked? Riddle us that. But we do, and we’ve got the party wounds to prove it) – so we’re more than fine to adopt this one particularly when it concerns matters so close to our heart that our very anatomy could be considered of the same biological substance as the Day’s subject matter. Carrying on the more generalised theme of animalistic endevours and/or accolades, we are pleased to exclusively premiere this new one from Brightonian singery-songwritery type Chris Simmons, who arrives on this-here blog with current Track Of The Day Rabbit In The Tail Lights. The orchestration of this write up has become somewhat the most “official” in comparison to most others we’ve done thus far. Plans are afoot with this guy. From what we can scan through on the very comprehensive press release we’ve been sent through, he’s been doing a looooooooooooooot of gigging about thus far, including with his fellow Brighton chums Royal Blood of late. In terms of underlying influences, there couldn’t be a wider gap between Chris’ mates and the sound he churns out himself; the latter being, well, very acoustic-led indeed. By our own reckoning, we came up with something in-between The Finn Brothers, Alex Vargas and James Bay. By their press releases’, there’s mentions of Turin Brakes and New Order. You get the idea – or even if you don’t, the great news is that you don’t have to as you can listen to it exclusively via us below. We’re being press-ganged (literally and somewhat metaphorically) into going along to Chris Simmons‘ show in London at The Social on 4th August, so that means you have to come along too. Or indeed at Servant Jazz Quarters tonight.

Chris Simmons – Rabbit In The Tail Lights

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