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Premiere: Sykes
“Best Thing (Live Video)”

Sykes 2

Tube strike mania has gripped the country. We mean London. As the latest recurrent craze causes many-a-pedestrian tut with mild annoyance, and makes the mid-morning traffic last a bit longer beyond the mid-morning, we took a delicious form of smug delight in literally not giving a fuck, given that our brilliant girlfriend lives about five minutes away from our pretty-brilliantly-located office. Touchdown. We even swung by the back to (attempt) to pick up a new company debit card, given that the old one has snapped a bit as a result of us sitting on it a few too many times. Y’know, fuck it. The atmosphere in the office is one similarly to that of the build up to the weekend of Glastonbury Festival – slight relief in form of other counterpart-type-people bunking off work so that the resultant correspondence has slowed to the equivalent pace of a snail attempting to achieve a boner; and on the other hand, a hint of guttingness given that they themselves were not given the appropriate dispensation to bunk off themselves. Fiddle-dee-dee. We wonder if superb indie-pop outfits like Sykes are affected by such happenstance. Probably not – given recent almost-first-hand experience whereby Julia and co were able to perform their intricate-yet-super-styling live show with an equivalent amount of obstacles in the way that certainly would have put lesser bands off the same platform. Good work y’all. You may remember Sykes from back in the yesteryear when we propped up a tune called Gold Dust. The following then happened in short order. They chummed up with our mate Martin who worked on follow-up single Best Thing. Then we moved into a new office shared by 5B Management’s UK guy Adam (he wouldn’t let us blag into Slipknot in January claiming that we didn’t know him well enough at that point to try on such things. That didn’t stop us. It never stops us). 5B rep Sykes. We put Sykes on our latest New Moons compilation. Then this week, the radio gods all decided to rain goodness on their camp and whack Best Thing on their BBC Introducing Playlist for this week, which is nice. To celebrate this accolade, Sykes slung over this live video of Best Thing for us to premiere to show you all how their shit goes down. So let it be written. So let it be done.


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