“Pretty Waste”


Hey mang! You goin’ Strokes tonight at Hyde Park? Yeah mang, we gots the two-pound-fiddy tickies! Say what? You got ’em too? How’s about you? No, shit, you as well. And you? AND YOU? Annnnnnnnnd bloody everyone.  Apart from the poor sods who forked out, like, a million quid for the tickets. We feel for you guys. You’ve been well and truly dicked over, all in the name of charity so you will feel like a plank if you dare complain about being dicked over. Bummer. Here’s hoping that the wonderful peeps will set up some kinda “non-opportunistic and/or true fans” tent so at least you can act high and mighty with your £70 piece of barcode over us peasants. Gotta level with everyone – we’re having yet another thudding great day. We saw our old buddy Austin just now who is apparently the king of Radio 1Xtra and doing a pretty amazing job at it too. Intern Rhi got the great news that soon she will be A&R Rhi, which is nice. Everything’s just so bloody nice today. Although having just written that, precisely on this day last year we lost someone pretty close to us; an eventuality that ultimately changed our whole perspective on shit forever. For the better, at least we are certain of now. Things inevitably have to change. So. Bones. They’re a band that have recently been featured on the trailer for the new series of Orange Is The New Black which co-incidentally we have become addicted to since The Finn indoctrinated us with the third series on Sunday evening. Like, 4 or 5 episodes of that spicy shit. We’re now going through the not-so-painful-as-we-originally-thought process of watching the first and second series. Which is fine, seeing as we don’t go out as much as we used to. Anyway. Band. Bones appear to have a staunch online following who are positively rapturous when it comes to the video for current Track Of The Day Pretty Waste, delivered in all its film-noir bad-girls glory. Whether that is resultant of playing the sync game perfectly or not remains to be examined; but we can certainly see the appeal as far as that particular broadcasting given that Orange.. is about good girls gone bad (sort of), the complexities of modern-day sexisms (ish), and loads of lesbians who like to get jiggy with it (100%). Who the fuck cares. Track is good and perhaps delivers a more gritty, industrial spin on the Tegan & Sara‘s and Say Lou Lou‘s in terms of co-vocals from the two lady protagonists here who appear to be present. For further references, we’re having slight flashbacks of The Prodigy from our recent adventure to the Isle Of Wight; as well as recent compilationers Ecca Vandal and former Track Of The Day’ers Reptile Youth. Tite.


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