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Glad Hand
“Been One Thing”

Glad Hand

Gotta be honest with you folks. No, seriously, we find it very tricky to refrain from fucking people up with the truth these days. Sometimes it gets us in trouble. Sometimes it gets us rapturous applause and big-ups pertaining to telling “it” like “it” is. Other times, people talk over us, giving us the distinct impression that they do not give that much of a shit. Its cool. We’re a bit broken from the weekend. Yes, like even the hardest men cry; so must the staunchest of the fabulous party boys succumb to their own party-making techniques. Friday largely involved ignoring most if not all email correspondence that took place within that timeframe (which is becoming easier and easier each time we do it, mind), alongside being on the Isle Of Wight as well as getting completely fucking drenched on some kinda speedboat that certain people who know about this sort of thing insisted on calling a rib. We were, like, that ain’t no rib. We can tell you what a rib looks like. Looks like some kinda meat. It was fun, albeit sleep-depriving as we anticipated when the 24-hour-trip-to-a-festival-and-back plan was originally hatched. The rest of the weekend involved a staggy, which logistically speaking was extremely similar in many respects to Friday’s goings-on but involved hanging with some old friends and cracking some seriously sweet jokes throughout. It was brilliant. Soothing us back into reality for what feels like the billionth consecutive week is new mysterion chap (we think) who goes by the name of Glad Hand. We’re guessing there’s some euphemistic referencing going on there, in which case, right on. Glad Hand, much like the mindset we’re in right now, is a bit weird. A bit obscure. A bit far out there and difficult indeed to describe and/or reduce its very being into the primitive communicative forms such as writing. But we’ll give it a go anyway. We know nothing about this guy (again, we think) other than he has tendencies leaning towards the noir-aesthetic, and current Track Of The Day Been One Thing lends itself to the more progressive ends of the indie-pop spectrum, with referential nods to the likes of Alt J and C Duncan. We dig.


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