Some people reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally where to hit you where it really hurts. Or the positive spin on this is that some people really know how to hit the spot. Or turn you on. Point is, these people fuckin’ KNOW you. Take current Track Of The Day’ers LOCK. We’ve been aware of them for a bit (that’s laying our relatively-late-to-this-in-new-music-blogging-terms); shit, we’ve even made the odd quiet enquiry on the sly in recent months trying to work out what the ruddy hell was going on with these dudes. Except they’re not dudes. They are lay-days. Then they started following us on the ol’ Twittergrambook thingy. We’re pretty sure we followed them back. Or did we? Anyway, what ensued as far as we are concerned was the online equivalent of eyeballing someone you kinda wanna know real, real well at the Valetine’s Ball. For, like, two months or something. They played shows during this period – we’re pretty sure we saw Ed Harcourt making public declarations of love to his better half in the context of her performing in this outfit – but of course we were too busy winding up Ben Soep and/or saving the fucking universe at the time to make it down. So, more eyeballing ensued. Then we went on holiday for the first time since dinosaurs ruled the Earth – which, of course, was exactly the same time this sure-to-be-hot-on-the-A&R-tip-if-they-aren’t-already bunch decided to finally surface something. Way to work the hype-game, you two. You know this scout crowd pretty well, huh? So we had to bear witness the rest of the online world positively plundering the musical gold on display here; hence they know how to hurt us, and turn us on at the same time. So, dear readership, at some point in this lengthy and (some might say) somewhat unnecessary tale of how our life of ultimate courage had intersected with LOCK‘s, music happened. Crazy huh? Actual music. Let’s discuss real quick, shall we? Fucking, okay then. Ring-fence the likes of Say Lou Lou, Tegan & Sara, Banks and Lykke Li and you’ll most likely find these two running around the perimeter of the aforementioned fence giving it all this, that, and the other. Deliciously sleek pop music. Tuck in. Have a fucking good weekend.

LOCK – Click

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