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Premiere: Cold Ocean Lies
“Wasted Time”

Cold Ocean Lies 2

We felt like a conquering hero returning home from “the” war when we walked back into the office just now. Yeah, you guys. Bow to your chill-sensai. What’s truly amazing is that for the last week we’ve been inundated with people smiling at us like Jesus to a child commenting on “how happy [we] look”. When this began around about 6ish days ago, of course our cynical mentality kicked in like a knee-jerk reaction. “What, we’re never happy?”.  Apparently, not as happy as this/that. Intern Rhi reckons that we are like a regular ball of sunshine that’s had a long-needed polish to get all the shite of the viewscreen. Guess we should switch off and/or lose our phone more often huh? Cool. We’ll do that. Anyways, despite our self-appointed position of morale officer to the world at large right now, we’re not actually struggling that hard to find ourselves settling back into the manic workload we’re usually dealt with – perhaps with less sneers, less mutterings of “ohforfuckssake” under our breath, and probably more projected outcries of “oh well” and/or “well…fuck it then”. So we’re very much more-than-fine to premiere the new video, and coincidentally the AA side to their recent single of the same-name/the-name-of-the-A-side, from Birmingham crew Cold Ocean Lies. It felt just like yesterday when these strapping young chappies rolled into our living room of an office (because it was, in fact, a living room); all dressed in black and fresh-faced. Sort of. One of them had a face so red due to sunburn we figured the guy was just permanently embarrassed. If he was, he shouldn’t be. For he is in a kick-rock band who have their first single out via the newly-created Every Second Records (wuddup Rob Turnham). The video be of the live pursuation to serve as evidence as to just how exactly they kick the aforementioned ass. Music-wise, we know what we’re getting and we are not disappointed at all – draw a big mental circle around the names of Peace (we know that’s lazy journalism and they’re from Birmingham too, but allow it), Smashing Pumpkins and Symposium (jeeeeeeeeeeeah) whilst you clap your ears on this. They’ve got some dates coming up in t’north as well over the next week or so, so be sure to check those out if you’re in the Birmingham and/or Leicester area.


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