“Youth Of The Young Age”


It’s fairly obvious, even though it took us 30 years to figure out, that we have a rather addictive personality. Addictive in the sense that we occasionally become so obsessed with things to the point that we can’t really remember why we’re obsessed with them. Once upon a time it was buying a new game for the N64 every fortnight. Do you have any idea how many shit games we owned? A lot, that’s how many. Three versions of Super Bomberman. All five versions of WCW vs NWO. Some snowboarding shit too. We don’t even like snowboarding that much. We just had to have it though. Then it was Games Workshop, which goes some way to explain precisely why we didn’t get it on with a member of the opposite sex until we were about 17ish (which, funnily enough, coincided with about the time that our dad was well and truly worried about our personal development and decided to give away all of our Warhammer 40,000 shit in a rather traumatic episode of our adolescence), much to the humoured-surprise of The Finn when she started asking questions alluding to that effect a couple of days ago. Then, we guess, it was new music (which followed a minor stint with football and/or the Merlin collectable stickers, but to be fair we were only in it for the free Mcdonalds meals that could be won by buying fucking loads of them. Literally clearing out the newsagents in Hanwell. Those guys fucking loved it when we tipped up). Although in recent times we have found ourselves questioning whether our heart is truly in this any more – y’know, the times when work feels a little bit too much like work – there are always small reminders that pop up as to why we enjoy doing this. We suppose the operable word there is indeed “enjoy”. The golden kids often wind us up too much and hence we often stay away from them as it only serves to shift of objective away from enjoyment and more towards, well, falling in with the so-called right crowd. An outfit that we’re pretty sure, based on our limited knowledge at present, don’t care too much of what people think of them other than their music are London four-piece JUDAS. Yeah, that’s right. They went for the biblical card there, which we can only imagine will delightfully upset certain members of the musical establishment. Admittedly, when we became aware of these guys’ existence mere hours ago (props to Levi Jackson for the tip. It is always good to hear from you in any event man), we assumed these guys were going to be metal as fuck. Whilst they certainly rock out – if current Track Of The Day Youth Of The Young Age is anything to go by, which is quite obviously is – we can’t say at this point that they are metal. They are hard-rocking indie dudes; which in our mind is exactly the sort of guitar-based indie that would be set to do rather well in the commercial sphere. We mean, can you imagine Radio 1 bigging up the hottest record of whatever or the next hype machine’d doo-dah from a band called JUDAS? Fuckyeah, why not? Goddamn were put through those nomenclature issues for some time, which we hope means its only a matter of time before the music is actually able to speak for itself. Amen, etc. Actually, did Amen ever get played on daytime radio? Anyway, we dig this real hard. Think of the dancier moments of Arctic Monkeys and We Are Scientists and clash that with the rock-out moments of, say, Catfish & The Bottlemen. Think about all that shit. But more importantly, check these guys out.

JUDAS – Youth Of The Young Age

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