“Little White Lights”


Let’s talk about the confidence of youth. Like a fucked-up and somewhat lengthier version of that scene out of In The Loop – whereby Malcolm Tucker lays the proverbial smackdown of some senior member of the US executive who happens to be the physical age of about a 9 year old – artists, particularly the best ones, seem to just be getting younger. And younger. And youngererer. Whereas we seemed to have fucked up somewhere and appear to be getting older; and we can possibly award this inverse proportionality down to dealing with these musical tike-geniuses on the reg. They run around lots, you see. Energy, etc. We were 16 once upon a time, and playing drums in a so-shit-that-we-are-in-fact-good ska punk band called Running With Scissors. We have recently been asked to reform for a close pair of friends’ wedding this summer, which has largely involved rediscovering our terribly-recorded material (somehow we made two albums). Contrasting to this are Sheffield outfit Spears, who quite happily explain to our inbox by way of introduction that they are fronted by a 16 year old. We have already established that your band can incorporate or indeed be fronted by a 16 year old and still be gloriously shit. Such is not the case for Spears; which may be sad for us personally given the re-realisation of our own musical shortcomings, but otherwise makes us quite happy that they were otherwise brought to our attention. So. They are from Sheffield. They have a 16 year old fronting them (his name is Rowan, by the way). There are three other dudes in this band, which the solicited information usefully tells us are also rather young. Stop fucking rubbing it in guys, yeah? Trying to be nice to you. Big ups have happened from BBC Introducing, and other superior blogs like Little Indie Blogs and It’s All Indie. So we guess that makes them indie, right? As indie as United Fruit, Bloc Party‘s rockier moments and Forward Russia according to the office panel that for some reason decide that its alright to chime in on our deciding-what-people-sound-like vibe on the reg these days. There’s something nostalgically Meet Me In St Louis and/or Tubelord about these guys as well. For all those reasons and more, you can bet that we’ll be checking em out in just over a week’s time when they play The Great Escape.

Spears – Little White Lights


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