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“Will To Life”

Tall Ships

The sun is shining. There are smiles and piss-takes going on everywhere in the office. Ben Soep has shaved a significant chunk of his beard off. Intern Tom is cracking on a sorting out some super special secret shit that we’re getting up to at Great Escape. Adam Foster from 5B is casually strutting his stuff to the kitchen whilst giving us the all-knowing all-telling eyeball. And we’re genuinely excited to shut down for a couple of precious days wandering around the medieval theme park that is Bruges, albeit we have been reminded of the various challenges ahead consisting of (a) don’t piss off The Finn, (b) seriously, don’t piss off The Finn and (c) definitely don’t piss off The Finn by answering any work-related correspondence whilst we’re supposed to be chilling out. Life is pretty great right now. And it just got that little bit better with this new effort from Tall Ships, who we have been balls-deep in love with for quite some time to the extent that we tried to bring in the proverbial heavies in over the last couple of years as far as they were concerned (and to a certain extent explains why we are no longer rolling with the aforementioned heavies any more). This is a truly special band; a sentiment in no small part reiterated via frontman Ric’s solo efforts of late, which usually means him dishing out some songs designed to fuck you up with the truth. It works pretty well too. On this occasion, the boys are going for the uplifting vibe, which works just as well. Current Track Of The Day Will To Life more or less sums up this whole life-is-beautiful trip we’re on at the moment, and is indeed coming out as a standalone single with those plucky duckers Too Pure and coincides with a live launch of said-single at The Lexington on 24th May. We won’t even bother trying to compare this to anything else that’s “hot” or “vibing” at the moment. That’d be a disservice. Also, we have to get all this shit out of the way before we can bugger off abroad. Just listen to it. And watch it. And buy it. Just do it.


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