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Premiere: Broken Fires

Broken Fires

Fucking HELL. Today, mate. When it rains, it rains really fucking hard. Good rain, we mean. The kinda rain that makes you wanna get all Shawshank Redemption about it. Yeah, just go outside, whip all your clothes off and stand there like a lanky plank in a prolonged Jesus pose so you can show all the people how good you feel on the inside about all kinds of shit. What’s going down? We’ve signed a bunch of new releases, which is always nice. There’s a lot of Remi Miles goings-on. Well, there is always a lot of Remi Miles goings-on – and why not, the dude is sick live, on record and any other way you wanna put it, and has the looks that means that we would totally bum him were anyone concerned here to be that way inclined – but today in particular alludes particularly to the seemingly-out-of-nowhere location where we metaphorically seem to live permanently these days. Another unexpected and very pleasant surprise that, of course, happened today was hearing from our former sidekick and all-round good-bloke Ross (formerly pka Label Assistant Ross). He buggered off in November last year in search of a better life, and by all accounts it sounds like he has found one; not least of all evidenced by the fact that he’s now rolling with these dudes Broken Fires who he put us on to quite some time ago. Now he’s getting big in the freelance PR game, he’s had the audacity to sling over new effort Elephants which we just had to premiere, not only for nepotistic reasons, but also because shit is legit good. Some more useful facts: there are seemingly a lot of people in this band. They are from London; or at least they are based in London, but might really be from Swansea. They are touring throughout April including a slot at SWN – which is funny, given how much these guys remind us of The Vestals and The Hearts who are indeed from Wales – and a London date at the Tooting (not the one-ting, wheeeeeeeeeeyuh) Tram & Social on 22nd April. For bigger comparative plaudits, we’re gonna stick this somewhere between the 80’s guitar landscapes of The Cult, the upbeat-melancholy of The Wombats, and the emotive vocal drive of The Joy Formidable. Schwing.

Broken Fires – Elephants

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