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Paris Pickpockets
“I’ve Got The Hots For You”

Paris Pickpockets

Well, would you look at that. The fuckin’ sun is out! Praise Jah! Or Ra! Whatever! Given our current track record this week of crackin’ jokes in general, and more specifically in the vein of mad punnery skills which take lesser folk a good 5-10 minutes to appreciate because we’re, like, way smarter than them (we have begun to affectionately refer to this as Larry David syndrome, although our loving flatmate/brother Tim has elected to substitute this turn of phrase with “you’re just a fucking idiot”), we might as well share our somewhat unique insight into appreciating the inherent levels of irony involved in this morning’s non-starter of a solar eclipse. At least as far as London is concerned. Our understanding is that people are complaining about not being able to see the sun being blocked out by another celestial body, specifically the moon. In effect, they wouldn’t be able to see the sun anyway. Loose logic there, but throw us our goddamn props anyway. All of this has absolutely nothing to do with current Track Of The Day’ers Paris Pickpockets, and it is too bloody late to rewrite this blog post because we have other shit we need to do. We’d like to thank these guys on two very different levels. Firstly, thank you for being the first band to spell enquiry correctly, as opposed to it’s similar-sounding counterpart which would otherwise indicate that our very being is subject to the scrutiny of some kinda panel or something. Secondly, thanks for transporting us back in time to our uni days when indie-disco and/or nu-rave was actually considered a thing. We personally still think that Arctic Monkeys, Foals and Bloc Party are legit – as should most people our age who actually like guitar music – and clearly you do as well by virtue of recent offering/demo I’ve Got The Hots For You. Somewhat unsurprisingly this lot have been caught hobnobbing and sharing stages with the likes of The View and have done some live stuff at the Scala and pretty much everyone-ever’s aftershow. So, clearly, everyone still rates indie-disco and they should when it goes like this. In our mind, all these guys really need is an on-point producer (on-point producers, take note) to nail the tracking on this demo, and they’ll be good to go. Enjoy the sunshine ya buggers.

Paris Pickpockets – I’ve Got The Hots For You (demo)


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