“Old Bodies”


We read (yes, it happens occasionally) in a magazine yesterday an article about how people in the Square Mile deal with stress. The end result is that they basically don’t, and this seems to have a direct correlation on, well, people not doing so well and doing things that they may later regret – or indeed, with some extreme cases, doing things that they would otherwise later regret if they were alive to do so. Admittedly in the past we have struggled with such issues ourselves, but thankfully seem to be surrounded by an army of people who are keen to help us out a bit. Cheers, y’all. Nevertheless, in the wake of all the super cool exciting shit that we’re fortunate enough to be embarking on – you’ve got your Malpas release announced, and there is a fucking amazing live announcement that we’re positively itching in the balls to blurt out about (we can’t though, because The Soep will kill us) – the prospect of yet another family bereavement on the horizon will undoubtedly lead to us to become crushed when time actually permits; in tandem with all of this, we feel guilty about not feeling worse about it right now because we are (a) human and therefore quite selfish and (b) so fucked for time that we cannot wait for you lot to bugger off abroad to Austin so we have the headspace to deal with all this shit. One-part lifting us up from the sad spiral (we’re also bloody ill, which is just great), and the-other-part relevant by way of macabre nomenclature track title-wise (old people have a funny habit of passing away innit) are London rock outfit Beasts. A chap called Seb that we had a few drinks with at Livenation’s ILMC last week (apparently this whole thing is a conference, however it looked very similar to a piss-up to us. Nice one dudes) slung em our way this afternoon. It looks like these guys have been going for quite some time, having just perused through a plethora of festival performance-related images from late 2014 on their Facebook page just now, and are now richly enjoying the then-rejiggled presenter/show thingy at Radio 1 by virtue of Dan P Carter giving a spinny to current Track Of The Day Old Bodies a couple of weeks ago. This track rocks much like this trio’s chosen name in the singular tense would, and indeed resonates perfectly with the inner late 90’s/mid noughties person within us that really can’t let go of British heavy rock bands around at the time. On the real-established side, you’ve got real-early Foo Fighters. For bloggy band references, we’re more than happy to chuck in the energy and tones of Royal Blood and Darlia. Powerful stuff. Check out the ass-kicking video for previous single Annie below too.

Beasts – Old Bodies


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