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Jack Watts
“Red Shortbread”

Jack Watts

In terms of distance, we have travelled a great deal this weekend – across the length and bredth of the A1 and/or Kentish Town Road to visit such exotic locations such as The Finn’s flat while she scouts out prospective flatmates (apparently this requires us to be present) and Nando’s (this definitely requires us to be present) – yet our personal displacement has been negligible given that we have used our recently-fully/renewed-taxed-insured-and-MOT’d family-friendly Renault Migane to acheive all of the aforementioned thereby sustaining minimal disruption to a weekend that has been largely allocated to watching Series 3 of House Of Cards. It appears, given our social networking feed which has managed to third-wheel our weekend, that a lot of our peers have joined us in similar activity. Well done, world. We DID IT. Indeed, scouring through a plethora of different social networks has led to new Track Of The Day guy Jack Watts cropping up on our proverbial radar, and further serves as a reminder that we really should check the messages that people send us via the medium of the Killing Moon Facebook page. We mean, shit, we were messaged about this guy by a producer called Tim Bidwell who presumably had some hand in the workings of our protagonist back in September of last year, which was around the time we were gallivanting around the land of our people, with our people. Sorry about that, Tim. We have no excuse; only explainations. Anyway, Mr Jack Watts is 19 years old – certainly looks it, the good AND young-looking so-and-so – and hails from the Brighton area, which are two very good reasons to get invested right this minute. Also, as it happens, the music is rather striking; a sentiment futher reinforced by the video clip for Red Shortbread (taken from the eponymous EP that doesn’t seem to have a release date just yet) which features the face of Watts and that of several others all bloodied up and whatnot. Perhaps that is why, in fact, the shortbread has gone all red. Yum. Musically-apt in the pathetic fallicy sense on this heavily overcast afternoon (we were supposed to do some sort of recreational activity with Ally McCrae this afternoon, but now that the sun has retreated and he’s all tucked up doing what we were doing yesterday/we’re getting stuck into responding to Facebook messages, that’s all gone to shit), embrace this sonic offering of Chet Faker and Jack Garratt on the one hand, as well as Rhye and Lapsely on the other. Diggin’.


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