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“Please Don’t Take My Blues”

Button Eyes

Turns out we got so bogged down with super important shit yesterday – ranging from trying to work out if major UK festivals are sexist or not (albeit in the most sarcastic way possible, much to the dismay of some of our twitter followers. Well, like three of them. Sorry, twitter followers. But the booker(s) of Reading and Leeds Festivals isn’t/aren’t sexist. They just aren’t. They’re trying to sell some tickets to their festivals, which is their job funnily enough. The music industry generally-speaking, as well as the world probably, is pretty sexist. And racist. And every other kind of ist. They/it always have been. It’s quite depressing to think about to be honest so that’s why we use sarcasm and humour as a defence mechanism, otherwise we’d just be depressed all the time. We live in hope that this will change within our lifetime, but you’ll just have to forgive our cynicism) to a planning meeting for our third-ever album release that we’re gonna chat you all up about real soon. But you all got on pretty well yesterday right? The Brits looked like fun. We weren’t there unfortunately, but that’s cool because we boomed it up with our guy John Joseph Brill who launched his EP out this week in fine style at a proper-rammed show at The Islington. The Staves dug it. Jack Garratt dug it. A bunch of other peeps dug it. There was just an awful lot of digging going on, y’know? Something that we’re digging right this minute is the new effort from current Track Of The Day’er Button Eyes. We use the singular tense because, contrary to our initial belief, Button Eyes is in fact an ongoing and widely-collaborative effort from London producer Lewis Lindgren. Way to go, Lewis. This is cool. Anyway, previous accolades and big ups for the musical offerings of this powerful musical entity range from the BBC Radio 1 and 6Music remits to Clash who had the pleasure of premiering the video for Please Don’t Take My Blues yesterday. We’re getting a distinct trip-hop vibe out of this, which is interesting given that we’ve only hosted tracks we’ve been digging from the genres maybe once or twice before prior to this. Look at us. Now look at the below video. And while you’re looking, thing of the whole Khushi-via-Breton-via-Cosmo Jarvis kinda vibe that we’re also sensing from this.


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