We broke our no-drinking-the-delicious-booze rule last night. Again. We couldn’t really help it; we are simply a slave to the groove. On one part, yesterday during the daytime proved to be the first day where we have indeed had time to do the shit that normal people get to do – you know, converse, walk, talk, breathe etc. We made a soup. In the microwave, we mean. That was nice. We also got to bear witness to a full-on creative disagreement between Intern Naomi and Ben over what “folk” is and whether a particular band that Ben has intimate feels for sound like Mumford & Sons. He was not happy, lets put it that way. Everyone got substantially happier by the evening which saw Killing Moon doing one of those takeover thingies at one of those Sofar Sounds thingies. To be honest, we usually hate that kinda stuff, mainly because we enjoy an often-misguided sense of moral superiority over basically everything ever. For several obvious reasons – three of them being John Joseph Brill, Remi Miles and CHIMES (y’all ever seen EDM go acoustic? It’s insane, and in a really good way) – we really, really enjoyed this one. So, naturally, we hit up Brewdogs straight after; and so, consequently, we are now tired and hungover mere hours before we have to go get our fucking car and go to Sussex on a top secret mission in this foul overcast weather. The lyrical content of current Track Of The Day Falling by current Track Of The Dayers Howard more or less sums where we’re at mentally right now. A shame spiral. A pit of dispair. Interestingly, and perhaps more relevantly, Howard is (or are? Dunno) three dudes from Brooklyn as opposed to a single dude. They released an album in January of this year, following racking up an impressive one million streams on t’Spotify for debut effort Money Can’t Buy at the tail end of the last. In contrast to its predecessor single, Falling more or less fully extrapolates the folktronica tag that Howard have earned themselves throughout this period rather than the charmingly-plodding pop sensibility that we’re gathering from the former single. Cool. Both are still rad, by the way. Keeping it all in the present, we’re enjoyably losing ourselves in the triple-threat cumulative sounds of Fleet Foxes, Alt J and Tunng that we’re experiencing throughout.

Howard – Falling

May as well innit.

Howard – Money Can’t Buy

Howard – Song About Something

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