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“Fire On The Mountainside”

Pocket Money

We were in two (or more) minds about whether to write anything on the blog today. Or rather tonight. Been a ruddy while since we left it this late on a work day to get our ears clapped onto something that we don’t have some direct or indirect ties with insofar as the brand is concerned, financially or otherwise. We realise now that we are only just coming to the end of a thirteen hour work day. There was at least one episode of swearing so loudly and with such finesse that it grabbed the attention of the entire office, and warranted a hug from “Auntie” Bev Burton in an attempt to get us to calm the fuck down. We guess this line of work shares a number of characteristics to recreational narcotics. It certainly is addictive. It can affect your health in both the long and short terms. You sure as fuck form a dependency on it; to the extent (and to quote/paraphrase the late great John Candy of Cool Runnings fame and beyond) that we fear that in this state of not feeling ostensibly good enough with it, how on earth are we expected to cope without it? Indeed, this line of conversation came up with a close ally of ours – who we realise we haven’t spent any personal time outside of the context of work for, well, a really long time – whereby it turns out we very nearly lost them as a friend entirely. How. Fucking. Sad. Is. That. Anyway, we’ve started and we may as well finish, as we have done for…fuck, we can’t even think right now. Let’s instead talk about Brighton-via-London people Pocket Money and how suitable their current Track Of The Day Fire On The Mountain is given the degree of pensivity we’re experiencing at this particular moment in time. These guys have got the whole buildy-uppy thing nailed within the opening seconds of the track; but what’s cool is how they’re able to splice together different guitar-brand influences, tempos and general playing styles in a juxtaposition that otherwise would seem incompatible, yet they are here. Clever buggers. There’s some tropical indie guitar tones that remind us a lot of Bombay Bicycle Club and Innocent Love by previous Killing Moon compilationers (and really nice dudes, by the way. We hung out a bit with bassist Ben at Heaven last week and he’s dreamy both in the physical and conversational contexts) Model Aeroplanes. Then there’s a balls-out rocky outro that leaves a very Walkmen sorta taste in our mouth. Powerful. Night y’all.

Pocket Money – Fire On The Mountainside

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