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Cold, Cold Heart

Cold, Cold Heart

Our entire world seemed to come to a standstill yesterday evening, sometime around the 9.00-9.15pm mark. Yes, this was to do with the news that not only had (one of) the singer(s) of one of our favourite bands of all time either quit or got given the proverbial boot from that band, but the singer from our very-definitely favourite band of all time is due to step in. We’re talking about that whole Blink 182 thing, which partially encapsulates an Alkaline Trio thing as well. Super important things. For a time – approximately 3 hours, according to reports of those around us at that point – we were genuinely convinced that someone was having a big old joke at our expense amidst snidey insults pertaining to how, quite rightly, there are way more important things going on in the world and only someone like ourselves who lives an inverted lifestyle of maturity in proportion to the sorts of things we should be concerned about given our age. Allow us; we’d had a few beers with the Music Glue guys earlier on in evening and we think the gravity of the aforementioned was greatly exaggerated in our perception given that we had (a) three beers and (b) no dinner at that point. Drawing us back to a more calming mentality is this instrumental slice of beauty called Megan. It is by a band called Cold, Cold Heart which not moments ago had at least 3 individuals in the office craning their necks up with inquisitivity and eyeballing that usually denotes a degree of curiousity as to the identity of the latest soundwaves we’ve chosen to blast into their earholes. This is a good sign. These guys are a bit from London and a bit from Chichester and we got wind of them through the Fluence network the other day, which is nice. While a lot of people reading and (hopefully) listening to this track might find it tricky to determine the commercial appeal of something devoid of lyricism, we would draw your attention to some of the greatest live and/or recording artists that could broadly sit under the same banner as this – Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Sigur Ros – and in our rather wild imagination we aren’t having too much difficulty envisaging Cold, Cold Heart in the same way at all. Simply beautiful.

Cold, Cold Heart – Megan

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