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We’re going to employ a new meetings policy. Actually, we’re going to have two. Firstly, we need to stop talking so much. Hour long meetings are supposed to last for precisely that amount of time, but due to our excessive yapping they seem to go on forever. Or an hour and a half if we’re truly quantifying it. Secondly, no meetings on a Monday. We clearly need that time to sift through the rather alarming amount of shit we have to get through right at the beginning of the week, especially now we’re dealing with visa applications. Yesterday, and indeed today, was a clear example of how we can undertake about 50 different tasks but feel like we have achieved absolute fuck-all at the same time. A brief pause from the frantic nature of this sentiment of being everywhere but nowhere at the same time is presented by a batch of offerings from new London outfit Two Hands. We have history with these boys. Indeed since becoming aware of the project in the Shepherds Bush Brewdogs quite some time ago – well, a couple of months ago, we think – we have become somewhat obsessed with these tracks in particular due to the super laid-back nature of the compositions coupled with a strong sense of nostalgia that we won’t get into right now because we’ve got to hurry the fuck up on this blog post so we can speak to some publisher people about something. Which is a shame, because we really are digging this slopped-out take on the grungier musings of Foo Fighters, Middle Class Rut and super-hella-early Queens Of The Stone Age. A funny backstory is that we were rather het up on having these boys on the soon-to-be-released New Moons: Volume III (well, maybe not that funny), but it turns out that music doesn’t just happen or indeed turn itself around at your convenience and sometimes you gotta wait for shit to happen. You may now dig too. Keep your eyes on these chaps, wethinks.

Two Hands – Follow

Here be the other two. Thar she blows, etc.

Two Hands – Even Want To Know

Two Hands – Barely Know You

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