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Spirit Soup

Wakey fucking wakey you sleepy buggers. Party’s over. You can’t just sleep in till whenever you ruddy well feel like it anymore. Well, you can, but that clearly means you ain’t gotta job. Get a job. Go to work. That’s what we’re doing. A bloody job. In all seriousness, it is wonderful to be back. All that planning/scheming/plotting etc that we got up to towards the tail end of what we can now safely call last year – which we heralded in by getting all romantic and whatnot, champagne and lady in arms, watching a grand total of one firework (it was rather overcast on New Year’s Eve in London, see) from the, um, capital’s suicide hotspot of Archway Bridge (to be fair loads of other people had the same idea) – is about to find fruition. We’ve got New Moons: Volume III coming out real soon, for example. Did you see that trailer? Draper put it together. He’s cool like that. Speaking of Draper, he’s been thudding busy and we’ve got a cool new live project for him happening soon, which for us is a bit like a dream realised because, well, he doesn’t do that sort of stuff on the reg. It’ll be good, trust. Anyfuckingway, new music ahoy. Business as per ushe. Here’s a new guy, fantastically-named Spirit Soup which appears to be a monicker lifted from some kinda computer game having done a quick google on the topic. We think this guy is Antipodean, and we must stress that we think that. We’re not entirely sure how we came across him; almost certainly before the Christmas break, but according to our memory now thoroughly weathered by plenty of food, drink and of course over-sleeping of late, we think we were propped up on some other Australian’s band’s Facebook page but we really can’t remember which one. A bit like trying to remember the access code to the lift this morning. Remembering is just not gonna happen, and you’re better off just asking someone. Just not us. Anyway – music, etc. This guy, who we know very little about of course, has successfully soundtracked the painful transition that is settling back into day-to-day work mode with the easy-flowing chilled anthemicness that he is seemingly able to operate. Given that this is a double whammy Track Of The Day effort, we’re also greatly impressed at how the delivery of his particular brand of chill is polarised – in respect of Low, you’ve got strong psyched-out influences along the lines of Temples and Fictonian; and in respect of Floating we’re left imagining Phil Collins jamming out with The Smiths and/or The Cure. Clearly, we need to listen to this guy more. We all do.

Spirit Soup – Low

Spirit Soup – Floating

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