“Fuck With Someone Else”


It genuinely feels like the nights are indeed longer than they were before, but so are the days. Perhaps its to do with all this additional time that we’ve somehow procured in the last week or so. Or that we’re still working our proverbial A’s off whilst everyone else is thinking about trains etc back to where ever the fuck it is they think they’re from for this whole Christmas mumbo jumbo doo-dah. Having just written that, we have to actually decide when we’re shutting up shop for the other C-word. Likely we’ll do that on the 19th December. Same time as all you lot. Sound good? Good. Despite that we have been able to fill our days with all kinds of mad rushes – indeed, we have more than a few cool release announcements to make in the very near future, and a couple more otherwise that might leave people a bit slacked-jawed, raised-eyebrowed and/or “how or why on earth are they doing that”‘ed – we’re slightly disappointed in ourselves that in that time a lot of the blog and new music website heavyweights around the world have taken the time to drop this rather impactful slice of musical production joy from Icelandic bunch Gangly. As things appear, this is categorically a surgical strike as far as launching something into an otherwise-unsuspecting online world is concerned. Someone is behind this. We can feel it in the gussets of our undies. But that’s cool; our cynicism derived from the knowledge base of the exact kind of shit we get up to when it comes to these sorts of things is meted out in equal or greater proportions by the delivery of an emotive pop song that makes us feel all, y’know, melancholic and shit on the inside. And then there’s this rather stunning visual accompaniment that only serves to reassure us that not only do these guys know what they’re doing musically – think of a pop mentality that rests atop an electronic soundscape similar to that occupied by Rhye, Bjork, Dems and Duologue – but they also know precisely how to deliver it in a way that should get most if not all people concerned real excited indeed. So, come on. Don’t be a dick. Get into this.

Gangly – Fuck With Someone Else


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