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A Lovely War
“Autumn Leaves Us Blue”

A Lovely War

We may be ill. We can’t be too sure. Ever since bouncing back to London from seeing some European peeps last week, we’ve felt like a little bit of a wrong’un. On the return flight our ears got fucked – which is to say that they popped mid-flight, and given an experience a few years back whilst en route to Rogue‘s first show in Paris whereby we literally fucked one of our eardrums by perforating the bugger (see, told you we live a life of courage…), we were way to scared to pop it back lest we succumb to a similar experience. Ergo, it has taken two weeks for our ears to unfuck themselves. We need our ears dude. Anyway, mid-way through a mild drinking sessions with Jon Mac, Andy Savours and other people that we’re slowly closing in on generation gap-wise, we were warm but cold at the same time. Menopausal stylee. This has parried on through to right now, and although we’ve got a shit ton of Lemsip on standby, we still feel a bit…odd. Here’s hoping we’ll perk up by the time of the Black Butter Christmas Party and the Jack Garratt giggedy-goo this evening. Appropriate soundtracking cometh in form of Autumn Leaves Us Blue, from a band called A Lovely War. They claim to be from Liverpool. We believe them. They also claim to be composite of two pairs of brothers. Not sure if we believe them there. We mean, we can only see three dudes presents here. Two plus two is four. We know this because we have done a lot of accounting and spreadsheeting of late. Don’t fuck with us. An unusual introduction is had right of the bat as soon as the listener presses play given the modern musical scene awash with dream-poppers and indie-grungers and lo-fi all-stars. We have a piano here and one of the more interesting male vocals, and in terms of songwriting penmanship this is likely one of the most impressive debuts we’ve heard in quite some time that doesn’t appear to delve straight into any particular scene or genre. It sure has got soul though. Reference-wise, this exists somewhere between the quirkier realms of Mystery Jets, Cold War Kids and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Tight.

A Lovely War – Autumn Leaves Us Blue

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