“Going Through It”


That was a fucking week. It isn’t even over yet technically but we’re about ready to pack up and toddle on back home – oh, wait, that’s a normal existence. Sorry. We were mid-daydreaming there. Actually we’re going for a dinner meeting, which of course means talking yet more stuff to do with work. Albeit fun stuff, with fun people. And actually, that’s what today has largely been about – meeting with people who remind us of a place and variances of a situation we found ourselves in not too long ago. At one point we were discussing the ironic elitism that we usually find associated with rock music coupled with anecdotes of how the Stratford Rex was a “thing” once upon a time; at another, discussing why people starting out in this line of work are generally treated like a piece of shit, by those who are either perceived as higher up the proverbial food-chain, or ostensible peers who decide whether or not you get to join the cool kids club. Anyway, just before (sort of) the respite of the weekend kicks in, here’s a guy (we think) called WILLS and our current Track Of The Day called Going Through It. This chap is from The Bronx. We have completely forgotten about how we heard the name or indeed from whom we heard it from. But that’s okay; we’re forgetting a lot of things at the moment. Anyway, the beauty in writing this as opposed to a billion different financial statements is that due to the lack of information available at this point, we don’t have to spend days on end dicking about on the who, what, when, where or indeed the why. We will go ahead and say we reckon this is a gnarly combination of the glitchy alt-electro-pop stylings of One Bit and Strong Asian Mothers, the vocals of TV On The Radio, and a production approach not too dissimilar from that of Jack Garratt. Let’s all try to have a relaxing weekend, shall we?

WILLS – Going Through It

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