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Skylar Fri
“Man Is Strange”

Skylar Fri

Money money money money money moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyuh. We’re really not the biggest fan of accounting at the best of times. Just ask our parents – in fact, ask pretty much anyone’s parents in regards to the amount of shit they’ve had to put up with in raising a child under the broad banner of Generation Y – and they’ll more likely than tell you that we are likely to be the recipient of the “Never Looks At Their Personal Bank Statements Ever” award of the century. And before you fucking judge us on our very middle-class and entirely first-world problems, don’t you think for a moment we don’t know that you lot pull precisely the same sort of shit we do. Sorry. Sorry for getting angry. It’s just that we’re being made to do our personal expenses for the first time in a year – A FUCKING YEAR – and quite rightly so. In our small defence, that’s more or less directly to do with how little free time we’ve had on our hands over that period. Sure, we can do financial statements unto all and sundry; just not unto ourselves. Just as well the ladyfriend is toddling off abroad for a week so she doesn’t have to see us cry-wank into many-a CSV file. How fucking boring is everything we’ve just written? We didn’t have to do this shit when we started all this a few years back. Let’s get back to the REASONS. Here’s a reason: Skylar Fri. THE LEGS. We’re not sure if they are the personal bodily property of our current Track Of The Day’er. In fact, we’re not entirely sure what Skylar Fri is. We’re not sure of anything anymore, other than we have to do our goddamn expenses of course. Anyway, Ms. Fri – on the arrogant assumption that this is indeed a “she”, and we have been fooled before in several instances – slung this think-about-life number our way this week, and in the time it has taken us to acknowledge receipt (you see what’s happening to us? THEY’RE CHANGING US), a lot of internet flurry and play-counting has taken place. Which is alright, cos it’s a cool track innit? By way of more recent contemporaries, we’re thinking something along the lines of ChvrchesLorde Foxes and Ivy & Gold in terms of sounds pertaining to those in a similar realm to this one. For some reason we can’t stop imagining Annie Lennox being involved in our imaginary artist-party that usually crops up in matters such as these. Which is alright as well, because at least that nothing to do with numbers and/or the crunching thereof.

Skylar Fri – Man Is Strange

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