“Stupid Things”


The atmosphere in the KM office is one of extreme organisation. We are focused. Locked in. Poised to fight crime and kick ass. We love this fucking shit. Admittedly this follows Tuesday morning’s staff meeting, whereby yours truly steps down from our iron throne of power and comes down to mingle with, well, Ben and Ross. No holds barred. In this allocation of time, they can say whatever they want to our Jafar-like figure; and likewise, we reserve to bitch about them right to their chudsey faces. The vital ingredient of any relationship – whether working, personal, or otherwise – is honesty. Brother Tim taught us that valuable, and we have felt more in control and confident ever since we took that sage advice. This basically resulted in a lot of eyeballing and finger-pointing; and as soon at the meeting was over, each of us manned our respective battlestations with the full proviso that everyone has each other’s back. That, ladies and gentleman, is the lethal combination of both loyalty and trust. Now, if we only knew what we were doing, there’s no telling where this might go. A new artist that seem very, very aware of what they are doing in their own respect are mysterious new peepy-peeps Blossom. These guys have just overtaken several predecessors and holders of the title of “most persistent unsolicited electronic communicators” in our bloggerising history. Three emails in about a week or so. Not that this is a slight on them; far from it, we’re glad they did as we simply kept on missing their messages given that they are currently balls-deep in a sea of similar messages. Maybe we should do something about that. Not to worry though; Blossom have been receiving big-ups and props-to-you’s from other guy’s such such as Neon Gold and The Line Of Best Fit (the latter of which we were sat next to yesterday evening at a rather impromtu preview of Zane Lowe’s re-score of the Drive movie soundtrack, and got bollocked a bit for taking photos when they weren’t supposed to. To be fair, they only found out they weren’t supposed to after they had taken the photo, and during the confusion and telling-off we snuck in a photo of our own which likely went unnoticed because we were also sat next to Jakwob whose face is likely as blinding as the music he makes. Thanks for taking the rap, Line Of Best Fit. We don’t know you super-well, but we owe you one), most recently by virtue of current Track Of The Day Stupid Things. Har de har. Anyway, shit is good. Shoegazey, scuzzy, lo-fi, all of that shit that people our age won’t stop bleating on about and we’re glad there’s more quality to it these days in respect of emerging artists. In this instance, we feel like we’re dealing with Big Deal doing Little Death doing I Am In Love (RIP) doing Drive (then/now/not any more called Entertainment). Which cumulatively suggests motherfucking Pavement. Watch, and preferably listen as well, below. Then have a little clickabout on the band’s website for some secret embedded video thingies.


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