“Returning To Bones”


Yesterday was the first time in quite a while – especially following our now-infamous journey to the so-called old country where we, y’know, ate loads of food, saw some palaces, thought and largely discussed life and shit, etc – where we felt our world was ending. What goes up must inevitably come down, as some guy paraphrasingly said probably once upon a time. The fact is we’ve been having such a sweet life ride for the last couple of months that we really should have seen this day coming – a day whereby everything that could possibly go wrong simply does. That nice feeling one might experience a few times in their existence that they might be in control or just about on top of everything? Well, it was a reminder of just how easily that can come to an end. First it giveth, then it taketh away. Arguments; deadlines missed; wayward invoices and/or big-ass agreements; miscommunications relating to international flight schedules (or a £600-ish fuckup, as we now like to call it); you name it, it happened. Thankfully we had our good buddy Henry to re-assure us that the universe works in mysterious ways and these issues will sort themselves out if we would just stop trying so hard to rectify the numerous situations, as well as our flatmate/ally-in-life Tim to basically take the piss out of us as a small reminder that we can still laugh at ourselves in this environment. Today, we’re glad to be able to say, is way better; not least of all because current Track Of The Dayers Devotions have been brought into our lives. 80’s-tinged dark pop is the order of this day, let us tell ya. Anyway, this appears to be a three-person outfit. They also appear to be from Northamptonshire. Good. Gooooooooooooooood. Today’s musical protagonist is the follow up to debut effort Divide Me Up, and with Returning To Bones on the current online agenda for this lot we can say with some degree there is more of “that” to come. What is “that”, exactly? We reckon something along the lines of Hurts, a more noir-tinged Two Door Cinema Club, a new romanticised version of Rufus Wainwright, and second-album Idiot Pilot might fulfill that particular definition. But, y’know, make your own minds up please.

Devotions – Returning To Bones

Might as well, innit.

Devotions – Divide Me Up

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