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Francisco The Man
“Big Ideas”/”It’s Not Your Fault”

Francisco The Man

Euuuurrrrrrgghhhhhhhuuuuuyeayuh. How are you? Did we see you the other night? Did we remember to kiss the prettiest girl at the right time? Did we remember to say cheers? Did we make sure that everybody had a good time? We have a few answers, but more far more many questions than that beyond the aforementioned. We are of course describing what we remember taking place on Friday night. There was a cocktail bar. Chloe to had to kick everybody out of the back room (because we were too much of a pusswah to do this ourselves – to be fair, there were a shitload of them), who had rather serruptitiously removed the “RESERVED FOR ACHAA” (that’s not a typo, that’s actually what our name was printed out as) notice placed on our rather-drenched-in-booze table. Well, it was more one of those desks that you had in school back in the olden days that you put all your shit in by lifting the lid. There was an attempt to make people go to Koko across the road, but again we largely failed at this as well mainly because of the pusswah citations that we have already mentioned above. Then Looks played a set that largely involved us trying to sing the words to a lot of songs we know (yet we do not know the words) and basically hugging everyone a lot. That’s about it. In celebration of our master plan designed to ensure maximum party-hardness from all concerned and the inevitable devastation caused to that lot as well (both aspects were performed to the highest possible extent), here’s double-whammy Track Of The Day from LA fuzzters Francisco The Man, respectively named Big Ideas and It’s Not Your Fault. This is the perfect musical accompaniment to one’s inevitable comedown following such folly and jolly. Lifted from an album due to be released in a duplicitous sort-of way between Fat Possum (right on) and the Small Plates label (we don’t know you guys, but fucking right on as well) at the end of this calendar months, if these two buggers are anyting to go by, we can expect the thing to be positively laden with shoegazey anthems that will make the hipster kids go “oooh” and the mosher kids go “ARRRRGH”. Or something. Music-wise; Pavement. Lots and lots of Pavement. Suitable derivatives thereof in our mind therefore include Yuck and Paws, but we’re also going to extend the notion into the realms of the thinking-man’s indie music like Telekinesis, and into the disco-punk realms of, say, Funeral Party. It’s gonna be big. It should be big. Please let it be big. Or just big enough for us to see them live, that’d be rad.

Francisco The Man – Big Ideas

Francisco The Man – It’s Not Your Fault

Might as fuckin’ well.

Francisco The Man – Progress

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