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We had a chat with the new intern yesterday – who is also, coincidentally, the first member of the more refined gender group (and that’s women, before you start getting clever and all punned-up about it) to grace the overglorified living room/office that constitutes the hyve of Killing Moon daily activity – about what they perceive to be new. We had previously asked Intern Nora ahead of the rather-abrupt start-date to prep three bands that she would classify as “new”. She picked one rather-established artist; one that has recently signed to a major label and/or started to tickle the playlists of Radio 1; and one more that indeed confirmed that Intern Nora had been to at least one of several of our branded live ventures. This more or less summed up a conundrum that we in our blogging capacity had been plagued by ever since we decided to get this fucker moving – what is “new” to the world-at-large may well be “wasn’t that ages ago” in music industry….planet. Couple this up with our inherent indecisiveness on pretty much everything ever (as well as the often-forgotten notion that 99% of the world does not really give that much of a fuck about how an artist’s career is incepted, so long as they did it their way throughout) and the fact that our present interviewee Salt Ashes has been a name micro-cosmically circling in our metaphorical circles for quite some time now – and this may go some way as to explain why we’ve never actually written about the lady herself before. Yes. Look at us being all elitist. It happens. But now the forbidden fruit must be tasted. Ms Salt Ashes, who also is known to a number of humans as Veiga which we are assuming is her real-life name, has recently splurged out new offering If You Let Me Go into the online world, which smacks of Madonna disco-ness, Kate Bush eccentricity and the sleek-smoothness of Chvrches (ain’t written about them either). In our collective mind, it embodies most if not all of what we adore about the best pop music. We wanted to get to know, so we got to know.


Could you introduce yourselves for the hi-brow readership of the Killing Moon blog?

I’m an unsigned artist from Brighton writing electronic dark disco music.



Favourite release of the last 12 months, and why?

Tough. I guess it’s between Jungle by Jungle and Drone Logic by Daniel Avery. But I’ll choose Drone Logic as I’ve spent most time with that. The whole record is deep, intelligent, intense. The synth sounds and droning basslines are what grabs me. To me he’s totally nailed the journey of this record.

KM: And that is the correct answer. We have Jungle issues. We’re not kidding, ask anyone.


Favourite show of the last 12 months, and why?

Giorgio Moroder at Oval Space last November. It was just one sick disco party.

KM: Cool name. Cool space. Cool party. You’re cool huh.


If you could moon anyone, or anything, who or what would it be?

Tall people who stand in front of me at gigs. I’m short, move out the fucking way.

KM: Fuck you. We’re tall. And we’re sick of your kind. Also, we know your boyfriend and he’s real tall so there’s a perfect set of shoulders for you to perch on. Actually, on the serious we find ourselves a magnet at gigs for people who happen to be half-a-foot taller than us – they see our tall ass, then figure it is therefore ok to position themselves directly in front of us. Maybe if you short people were a bit nicer, then they’d go hover around you instead. Thanks dude. Thanks A LOT.


You’re about to be killed. You get to pick one song to hear before your inevitable demise. What’s it gonna be?

Something Euphoric like Born Slippy .NUXX by Underworld so I can get one final hard dance in.

KM: Hmmmmmmmmmmmyeah ok. But only because we’re about to go on a big Friday night benderoo, which largely involves performing the toplined subject matter of the aforementioned song selection. Your lucky day.


Killing In The Name Of, or Dark Side Of The Moon?

Before a night out – Killing In The Name Of.

After a night out – Dark Side Of The Moon.


Salt Ashes releases If You Let Me Go on 20th October via Radikal Records.

She also appears live at Audio in Brighton on 22nd October. Which is nice.

Thanks to Tasha Anderson at House Of 27.

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