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Love Nor Money

Very much feeling our age right now. Yes, we’ve fucking banged on about it for ages. “Yeah, cool man, you’re thirty, get over it”. But, hey, we’re putting a positive spin on the whole myth of transcending from a 20-something caterpillar-cocoon thingy into an alright-looking slightly-older butterfly…thingy. Anyway, we had a great time yesterday. Turns out we’ve got friends in all the right places – and, for the avoidance of doubt, the right places are basically everywhere – and this may be the first occasion whereby we have not felt like anything or anyone has been missing from our lives at this particular point, which is when people presumably start thinking about that sort of thing. Someone special asked us at a particular point yesterday evening “what song is going through your head right now?”. We had to think, but Overdue by Get Up Kids was the only thing that came to mind, other than “that’s a really fucking good question” of course. Pretty emo, but that’s just how we are, and we’re old enough to say we’re fine with that now. So we’re a little bit tired right now – light in our head, dead on our feet, etc – and could definitely do with a spruce-up. Enter the mighty steed that they call Love Nor Money. We really hope that’s not true. About them, we mean. When we’re in this good a mood, we want everyone to have love AND money, where possible. Anyway, this is what we think most, if not all, pop music should be like. And by that, we mean really fucking good. Whilst we may not be the most proficient in terms of disseminating the dance-tinged pop genres in the world – see above for our self-assured and outrightly glorious emo-ness (all the best shit is a bit emo, AND YOU KNOW IT) – we’ll give it a bloody good go anyway due to our dedication to living a life of courage. So. Pop. Dance. Pop-dance. Popance. Pance. Jeah. We’re getting Rudimental. We’re feeling Massive Attack. We’re reminded of Plan B‘s Heaven’s Door a little bit. We feel as if we’re looking at that Juce band that to be honest we find more than a little bit annoying (we have our reasons), but upon gazing upon this outfit we really don’t seem to mind so much. Get into it. Then once you’ve done that, get down to see em do their thing right in your chudsey face this Friday at The Finsbury.


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