“Sink Or Swim”


God DAMN, King’s Head. That was a party. Not since Primavera have we seen so many wicked-cool bands perform in front of so many good-looking people (we snuck in through the back door). Indeed, none of the artists featuring on the night – namely Idles (Mark, you were right. They are boom), Fantastic Fantastic (guys, PLEASE do a collab with Will Smith and MAKE US HAPPY), Wyldeck (we didn’t realise you could rock out that hard with acoustic guitars until just then) and New Secret Weapon (fucking HELL guys, don’t keep yourselves a secret) – sucked at all. No sir. Further, not since Primavera have we opted to stay out till 5am due to the excessive feel-good factor that took hold of our person throughout Wednesday’s proceedings. We realised the slight error in our ways upon realising we had to be in Brighton by 11am. We got there at 1pm. We did not feel our usual 110% for most of yesterday to be completely blunt, but as a direct result we did not go out last night, and we did manage to clock in about 10 hours sleep and had some chicken so that made us happy. We did of course, for the opening and very painful waking moments of yesterday, consider bottling out of the aforementioned day-trip of our own design, but given that just how we are right now in terms of living a life of outright courage, we decided to just, y’know, fucking do it. As we do a great many things, we’ve realised. On that note, here’s new Track Of The Day Sink Or Swim from a band of what appears to be men – or at least we can see a little silhouette-uh of a-men – who go around calling themselves Pauma. Paaaawwwwwwwma. Like a Brooklyn brawler trying to describe his favourite type of ham. Mmmmmmm. Ham. Perhaps that’s precisely where the band are from and precisely why they decided upon this particular nomenclature. Anyway, you’d have to be certifiably mad to not identify this as a pretty flawless indie-rock song, complete with a bass groove that reminds us of the reasons we’ve pretty much fallen in love with our relatively new-guy Remi Miles lately. We shall also chuck into the references-by-way-of-comparisons mix The National, Arctic Monkeys, and of course The Strokes. We’ve just looked over from behind our desk to discover Ben is actually singing along to this. He has a lovely voice too.

Pauma – Sink Or Swim

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