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Premiere: Bleach Blood
“Pleased To Meet You”

Bleach Blood

As may have been mentioned several hundy-thou-billy times over the last, dunno, a lot of recent blog posts (of which we have just realised we have written 1,000. We have written about over 1,000 new bands/artists/thingies/stuffs. Time to pack it in? Never. Fuck you. It’s our hot body, and we do what we want) we have travelled around a lot lately. Some travel was conducted strictly for business, but on all occasions we have experienced some kinda pleasure. The main point is, given that we’ve realised and very much accepted that we have finally shed our adolescent skin and donned up in adulthood (we were referred to as a “proper man” by someone at the Jack Garratt show last night. Crazy), in counter-balancing our more recent attempts to simply stop engaging those who we really don’t like all that much, we are able to fill this space rather sociably by befriending a number of different people that we hadn’t considered before. We’re going to someone’s flat for Sunday lunch this weekend, for example. How incredibly manly of us. Some dudes who may know a thing or two themselves about the sentiment of becoming what they want as opposed what they imagine other people expect them to be are bad-mans (and a lady) Bleach Blood. Our recently-made mate Jamie – which indeed only further serves to inflate the sentiment as to why this is prime Track Of The Day substance, by virtue of the rather aptly named Pleased To Meet You – rolls deep with this particular unit, and seeing as it is on the bio we guess we’re allowed to mention that he used to roll with an entirely different unit called The King Blues. Which is, and most likely was, quite nice. Hooray for self-enablement, realising one’s potential, fucking the proverbial law right up the botty-hole, that sort of thing. Seriously, it is not easy. Anyway, there is some seriously dark shit about Jamie doing something to a mattress in a warehouse in this bio, so we shall concentrate on the music bit. It’s good. Real good. Since signing and releasing bits and bobs through the Transmission label, Jamie and his band of merry people have strived to refine a sound that they pride themselves on calling their own. And whatever they’re calling it – we’re hearing elements of the pop-punk greats of the early noughties that we dearly love, alongside some of our alumni like The Vestals and Eye Emma Jedi‘s inherently upbeat moments, which quite frankly renders the listener able to dance articulately to guitar-driven music – we’re digging it pretty hard. You must therefore dig it hard too and preferably turn your hard-diggingness into a need to buy this thing when it is out on 12th October.

Bleach Blood – Pleased To Meet You

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