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This morning’s departure from Delhi was not an easy one. We were instructed to get our ass out of bed at the usually unheard-of hour of 6.30am – we are more used to getting to bed around this sort of time rather than getting out of it – and much to the surprise of the more sentient among our immediate family, we complied with relative ease compared to a time in our more formative years when we would receive a similar instruction on previous familial recreational excursions. That is to say that the last time we went along one of these things, which to our mind was a few years before we went to university about a billion years ago, this never would have happened, and so presumably based on previous experience the more authoritarian members of our travelling party assumed it would be a similar situation this time round. More fool they. Our tiny victory was shortlived as we found ourselves under seige from a barrage of further and somewhat more aggressive instructions to take this over there, and never mind that deal with this instead, and stop faffing around, and just do what you’re told you fucking smartarse. Family stuff, etc. Turns out everyone else was super grumpy that THEY had to get up at this stupid time. To make matters worse, the “entire system” (according to some friendly Germans who we were stood behind for about an hour in one of 20 seemingly-relavent-but-also-clearly chaotic queues) responsible for the checking-in of passengers on domestic Indian flights had fucked up majorly by the time we reached New Delhi Airport, resulting in more aggro-tinged directions dressed up in a tone that we would have otherwise assumed to be intended at our 1-year-old neice rather than, well, a substantially-older us. “[We] have a fucking law degree”, we mumbled back finally as some sort of slow-ass response in defence of our rapidly-diminishing esteem in the eyes of our closest and dearest. Ultimately, everyone chilled out (we shared the secret bag Haribo gummy bears that had been sitting right at the bottom of our backpack since Heathrow, which made everyone happy) and indeed smiles returned to every face upon sighting of our current and so-very-far-from-modest lodgings at Udaipour Lake Palace. It is a literal palace. We are writing this from the room that the Prince of Rajasthan usually spends his summer holibobs. Cool room. Big. We have also noticed there is a large contingent of Australian nationals residing at this palace. We like Australians. Our mate Wally is Australian. He decided to tell us about current Track Of The Day people Sons Of Rico in an email today that broadly projected the message “WE ARE NOT WORKING WITH THIS LOT (sic) BUT THIS IS TRACK OF THE DAY MATERIAL SURELY”. It surely is. Little tip – if you want to get to us, talk to Wally. He tells us about some seriously good shit, of which In My Eyes fully qualifies. Upon thoroughly researching this strong-looking bunch (we looked on their Facebook page), we can see that they have already received some biggy-uppy plaudits from NME some months ago on account of another recently-dropped number called Adjustable Value. Having taken a listen to both just before we nod off (it has just gone midnight here, but thank fucking hell we don’t have to get up that early again). we’re satisfied that this is one of those keep-an-eye-on-em jobbies. The uncategorisable funned-up guitar and vocal stylings of Eye Emma Jedi were, for at least the first five listens, the only broad musical comparison our gummy beared-up brain could muster the synapses to think of – but on the ninth/tenth, we’ve now brought Supertramp and Cold War Kids into the proverbial mix as well. It’s not showing any signs of getting tiresome either, despite the fact that we are right now. Enjoy this for the additional 4/5 waking hours that you have left, London. G’night.

Sons Of Rico – In My Eyes

Sons Of Rico – Adjustable Value


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