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Little Xs For Eyes

There is a fine line between anxiety-driven insomnia and just being too fucking excited to sleep. The last few days have been memorable to say the least, and in retrospect understandable in relation to the at-the-time unexplainable sleep deprivation we have experienced in the last month or two. Friday was beyond amazing. It is a good job people weren’t allowed to hit us on every instance where we would gawp “[we] cannot believe they’re letting us get away with this”, in relation to our latest live venture into curating line ups at the big-ass Koko venue in London, lest we ended the evening with bruises all over. We did actually end up with bruises (not all over) having become so jubliant and boozed-up that incurrence of physical injury and indeed the incidence thereof really didn’t seem to trouble us whatsoever. We cannot remember an evening out where we have felt truly happy, and this was largely thanks to the mulitude of people who helped us orchestrate our first Club NME takeover, and indeed Fickle Friends, Strong Asian Mothers, Looks and anyone else musical-related that took part that evening. Fast-forward 48 hours and we are writing this blog post from what appears to be one of the finest hotel rooms we’ve ever stayed in in what appears to be a palace in New Delhi. There is a chandalier hanging over our rather-substantially-sized bed. One of those walk-in-shower thingies. A big red button that simply has “BUTLER” written under it. Fucking regal shit. We have in the last two days met, conversed, joked and argued with our estranged grandfather; and at the same time formed what seems to now be a lasting bond with our one-year-old neice who now cries relentlessly each time we’re more than a couple of metres away from her. Much family-time has been had thus far, with much family. We’re not exactly missing home a huge amount, given that we really feel at home at this precise moment. But, of course, as the evening draws to a close – it is now sometime around midnight, andwe have to be up at 6am to catch a plane to Udapour to visit another palace, at which mum wants to go shopping as well which usually requires energy beyond measure – we just had to open a couple of emails and had to listen to a couple of bands. We’re glad that we did, because that meant we checked out this beautifully-apt soundtracking from Dublin’s Little Xs For Eyes in form of current Track Of The Day Love Gets Lost. Which is just as well given that we feel a little bit lost in this country, but at this moment are very much in love with it and our current surroundings. It’s all a bit like a dream, and so is this song. The video seems to be a centrepiece for the gently-flowing indie-popness; in our mind, however, it does not seem to overshadow the musical composition itself, but rather compliments it. We played this to a concierge called Rajesh earlier this evening – an indiginous inhabitant of New Delhi and representative of the evolving youth culture therein, given that he seemed very aware what we do for a living and more than happy to share his love for Western indie, rock and pop music given that he himself plays guitar in an in-house band at the hotel we are currently residing in but has aspirations to make it with his own band who apparently sound a bit like Iron Maiden – and he claims “without exaggeration, sir” that this is a damn good thing. Whilst Rajesh couldn’t find the time to share any musical comparisons in relation to Little Xs For Eyes, although he assures us he will tell all of his friends about them, we’ve comes up with something that exists between The Cast Of Cheers, Freelance Whales and Haim. And whatever that is, it sounds real good.


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